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Why Advertise With Us? is the #1 ranked premium digital guide and trusted resource for all travel and tourism information pertaining to Phú Quốc and its surrounding islands.  If you are looking for an effective way to market to our target audience on our highly focused Phu Quoc specific website then we have a variety of quality products available to you.

Our Value Proposition:

Target Audience: Our users are in the lucrative “planning and purchasing” stage of the travel industry sales funnel and are ready to take action.  These user are browsing our niche website to find more information about Phu Quoc, where to stay, what to see and do while they are here, what tours to join, and where to eat and drink.  Some of these users are also interested in purchasing a vacation property (villa + house) and are conducting market research via our platform.

Digital Marketing: On our website, users will find over 300 pages of unique written content, over 100 high definition videos, and 10,000+ recent photos all on Phu Quoc.  We share this engaging content with our followers and fans throughout various channels that help drive more targeted traffic to our website.  Search Engine Rank: When users query for anything about “Phu Quoc” via online search engine, shows up on the first page as well as in the top 5 of the returned results.  Social Media: We have over 20,000+ Twitter followers and we also manage the largest English based Phu Quoc community on Facebook as well as 2 highly popular Facebook Pages.  Cumulatively we have the largest followers across numerous channels who are interested in Phu Quoc on the internet!

Technology: Our technology platform is robust, flexible, mobile & SEO friendly, and we own our server as opposed to using vulnerable shared web hosting services.  Also our dedicated IT team consistently scans for and blocks referral spam robots from artificially inflating our web traffic statistics.

The information below provides you with an overview of our web traffic data, market segment and demographic details of our core users and your target customer, and finally the various advertisement opportunities available to you to reach these core users.

Phu Quoc Website Traffic & Audience Demographics Overview:

Based on data made available by Google Analytics, the leading global web/data analytics company, the following are’s monthly average traffic and demographic details:
phu quoc island traffic statistics

Meet Our Users & Your Potential Customer: Young, educated, & adventurous:

phu quoc people on beach
Our core users are a mix of Millennials and Generation X’ers between the ages of 21 to 45 years of age, who have at least one smartphone or tablet device, have a good grasp of the English language (reading and writing) and are interested in travel, tours, adventure, food and drink, entertainment, outdoor activities, and culture. They include independent travelers, young couples, groups of friends traveling together, and families. This lucrative target audience performs research online prior to making any travel plans and hotel bookings, are environmentally conscious, and are active on various social media platforms.  A large majority of this user base (70%) are first time visitors who have found our website by: a) performing an organic Google search, b) via social media shared content, c) a blog/article mention, or d) word of mouth referral.  The rest of our audience (~30%) consists of repeat users who are using our digital travel guide as a source of reference while vacationing on Phú Quốc.

Country Demographics Of Our Users:

phu quoc demographic data

Our diverse audience consists of a good mix of foreigners, expatriates, and Vietnamese. 55% of this audience either lives in Vietnam or is currently vacationing in Vietnam and are planning a trip to Phu Quoc. The remaining 45% resides outside of Vietnam, are planning a trip to Vietnam/South East Asia, and are considering adding Phu Quoc to their itinerary.


phu quoc resort island

The Business Case For Advertising With Us:

More of your customers are spending time online than reading print material.  Majority of them have already planned their itinerary prior to coming to Phu Quoc. Advertising on our digital platform with targeted traffic presents a higher conversion & ROI rate and increases your brand recognition. Advertising online is not only good for your bottom line but it is also good for the environment – Win Win! is a 100% digital platform.

To begin, allow us to share these most recent stats about digital adoption to level the playing field here. Digital is also a key distribution channel to consider in an integrated omni-channel strategy. In 2015, we have reached the tipping point in the travel industry, as more than 50% of the global web traffic is estimated to be coming from digital devices – smartphones and tablets combined. Your customers are spending more time online now more than ever!

cleaning Phu Quoc

Below we can clearly see how much time we actually spend on digital (internet + mobile) compared to other mainstream media, namely internet, TV, radio and print. While consumers spend only 4% of their time on printed media, brands still invest 18% of their advertising budget on these platforms. At the other end of the spectrum, notice how much time we spend on the internet and mobile, but how very little brands tend to invest here.  This disconnect leads to waste. 62% of our users access our in-depth travel information via their mobile devices!

phu quoc advertising statistics

Of course, we could go on and on with other equally powerful data and statistics but I think you get the point by now. Digital is not a trend, and it is certainly not something that will impact consumers and travel marketing in a hypothetical future. It’s happening now!  In Phú Quốc, the Vietnamese government has heavily invested in the underlying infrastructure required in order to embrace the digital trend and changing demographics. Phú Quốc has new telecommunication towers, has stable electricity since being connected to the national power grid, high speed WIFI is found throughout the island, and the island now has 4G cellular services.

In the next section we discuss how you can reach these highly connected and valuable users via our platform:

Banner Advertisement

A banner advertisement (also known as “display ad”)  is an advertisement displayed on our web page.

Homepage Advertisements

phu quoc homepage ad
Homepage Ad Size & Costs

A homepage banner is the best place to boost your brands profile, especially spots 1 and 2

  1. Header Ad Spot 320×100 (Slot 1) – This *site wide* responsive mobile banner is our premium advertisement spot.  Your advertisement will be displayed on over 300+ pages and blog posts across all devices (mobile + desktop).  This is a great spot to boost your brand and target a variety of keywords across the “Phu Quoc Vertical”.
    Cost: $300.00USD per month
  2. Below Header Ad Spot 468×60 (Slot 2) (flexible) – Your advertisement here will be shown on the homepage.  This is a great spot to display deals, special offers, giveaways, etc.
    Cost: $100.00USD per month 

  3. Site wide Footer Ad Spot 300×250 (Slot 4) – Your advertisement in our footer will be displayed site wide on over 300+ pages and blog posts.  This is a great spot for recurring deals and/or for branding.
    Cost: 75.000USD per month

Sidebar Advertisement

phu quoc blog advertisement
Blog  Ad Size & Costs

  1. Top Sidebar Ad Spot 300×200 (Slot 5)
    Cost: $150.00USD per month
  2. Lower Sidebar 234×60 (Slot 6) (8 slots available)
    Cost: $100.00USD per month 

Category Pages

Dominate your niche by advertising on these highly visible category pages. These categories make up our menu navigation: Where to stay, ecotourism, sightseeing, food, etc.

phu quoc category pages
Category Page Ad Size & Cost

  1. Above the Fold 468×60 (Slot 7)
    Cost: $100.00SD per month
Since Google, the leading online search engine, recognizes us as an authority on all things related to “Phu Quoc”, a geo-targeted back link from us provides you with a greater SEO boost for your own website as well.

Advertisement Guidelines:

As an advertiser on, you can create and design your own banner advertisement but before it is published on our platform our team will review and approve it. Each ad is limited to one product or service, and one link URL. All links will be “do follow” links, which will assist you with your SEO ranking initiatives. Also please keep all ad file size at a minimum. All advertisements that are to be displayed on our platform must be relevant to our content and our core audience.

Banner Ad Best Practices:

  • Every banner ad needs three elements: Branding, message and encouragement to click. Create a simple hierarchy of elements. The message should be succinct – two to 10 words is ideal. What are you offering and why should people want it. Then include a logo or identification. It only has to be readable and does not have to be large. Then finish the ad framework with a reason to click. Do you have a sale? Coupon code? Email signup?
  • Use colors that stand in stark contrast to the location and surrounding background. This will help your add pop out from the scenery. Go for bold colors and strong typography as well. Even if you are in a similar field or product line as the site where the ad is placed, choose strong visuals that are drastically different for maximum impact.
  • Optimize your content for the smallest file size possible. The target file size should be somewhere around 150 kb, depending on the size of the ad. Then make sure to save in a format that works across the web. Common file types for banner ads include PNG and JPG for static displays, and GIF for animated displays.
  • Banner ads are not a never-ending rotation of messages. While you can use techniques such as animated gifs to scroll multiple messages in ads, this is not always the best solution.
  • Keep it simple. If you over-stimulate users with messaging and animation and color and facts, it will dilute what you are really trying to accomplish.

Sponsored Posts & Social Media Campaign Support

Have a new product or service you want to announce? Have a special offer or an upcoming event? Are you having a grand opening for your new hotel or restaurant? If so then leverage our vast social media presence and get your message across to reach the maximum number of targeted users.

sponsored post phu quoc

How it works:

Our sponsored post and social media campaign is a 2 week long campaign that gets your message across via our online distribution network. This is when a brand wants us to promote their product or experience for any particular reason.

In the first week you submit your post to us along with any rich media (pictures + youtube/vimeo video), we post it on our website, and then distribute it across the web.  In the second week we re-post your message on our facebook page followed by re-distributing it across the web. You benefit by gaining exposure as well as a plethora of links that are generated pointing back to your brand.

Cost: $400.00US

Payment & Terms:

We accept PayPal or a direct deposit into our BIDV (Vietnamese) bank account with a minimum term of 6 months for banner advertisements, and a 1 time fee for our sponsored ad campaign offer. Payment must be made in full before your advertisement is live. The beginning date of your advertisement is when we first place your advertisement on our site followed by a notification email to you about your ad being live. The date on this email marks your start date and your ad will expire in 6 months time.

Banner Ad Split Testing/Changes: If you want to change your banner ad within the first 6 months, we offer one complimentary change.  Additional changes will incur a fixed fee of $100.00USD per change.  It’s best to run your campaign for the first 6 months without any changes and then make the necessary adjustments (if any) for the next campaign.

*Ad prices are subject to change and advertisers on will be notified in advance if/when any price changes occur. However, there will be no change in price for the entire duration of any live ad (i.e. any ad that has already been paid for).

To place an advertisement on our platform or for more information and PR inquiries, please contact us:

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