Snorkeling Nudibranch Gardens Phu Quoc.

Snorkeling Nudibranch Gardens, Phu Quoc Island

Nudibranch Gardens is a shallow reef area close to the shores of Cua Can Beach and south of Fingernail Island (Hon Mong Tay). The area worth exploring has a maximum depth of 12 meters and a visibility of only 5m due to the presence of organic debris in the water. Most dive operators visit this area for scuba diving however you can also snorkel here and if you are lucky you may see a variety of nudibranch’s. There are also a lot of hard coral species and some anemones here as well.

snorkeling nudibranch gardens phu quoc

The key to spot nudibranch’s while snorkeling nudibranch garden is to focus on a small area and being patient. Nudibranch’s look like fluorescent worms and are sometimes hidden in small cracks. If you are lucky, you may even see bamboo sharks that also hide underneath the coral and rocks during the day:

bamboo shark phu quoc

How to get here

The nudibranch garden is an area in the ocean than can be hard to find for first time visitors to Phu Quoc. The best way to explore this reef is by joining a snorkeling tour offered by the various tour operators and dive shops found in Duong Dong Town.


Need to know

  • The currents can be quite strong at times and we recommend that you go with a diver operator if you want to experience the nudibranch garden.
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