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Region: Rach Tram, Bai Thom Commune | Family Friendly: Yes | Vehicles: Car, dirtbike, motorbike, mountain bike | Recommended Time: 2 hours | Rating: 2/5

The Rach Tram Trail is a system of trails located north of Bai Thom in Rach Tram Village and adjacent to the Phu Quoc National Park coastal boundary.  The “trails” are basically widened roads within the national park. 

Navigating through this area is relatively easy and it is best to explore early in the morning. There are multiple trails here taking you to various sections of Rach Tram Village (Làng chài Rạch Tràm) and Bai Thom.

Rach Tram Trail Flora & Fauna

The Rach Tram Trail is a great trail to view plants and wildlife. Like with all things natural, please only take pictures and do not disturb the wildlife. Some of the wildlife you may encounter here are eagles, snakes, hornbills, a variety of insects amphibians and reptiles.  The plant life here is remarkable as well. You will find a variety of secondary forest trees, fungi, palms, etc.

How To Get To The Rach Tram Trail On Phu Quoc

The Rach Tram Trail is located in the north east section of Phu Quoc. The trail can be reached by navigating your way to the road that takes you to Rach Tram Village. Look for the large Phu Quoc National Park sign that marks the entrance to the trail.

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phu quoc eagle

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