Top 5 Things To Do On Phu Quoc Island For Tet Lunar New Year


Top 5 Things To See and Do during 2017 Tet Lunar New Year at Phu Quoc Island

The popular tropical island of Phu Quoc  in Vietnam is a favorite holiday destination for both locals and foreigners during Tet Lunar New Year.  With its numerous beaches, luxury resorts, cultural shows, water parks, virgin rain forest, cheap beer, and a thumping beach side nightlife – you will definitely not be bored on Vietnam’s heart shaped island.

If you are here on Phu Quoc Island for Tet, the following is our top 5 things you should consider experiencing:

1. Relax on a beach and watch the best ocean sunset in Vietnam.

There is nothing like sitting on a beach with a drink in hand and just gazing out into the open ocean.  If you stay there long enough, you will witness one of the most beautiful sunsets you will see here in Vietnam.

hon thom sunset


2. Experience Vinpearl Land

Located up in Ganh Dau Town, Vinpearl Land is like Vietnam’s version of Disney Land.  Here you will find a golf course, water-park, amusement rides, a mini zoo of sorts, and more.  Vinpearl Phu Quoc resort will be celebrating its’ first Tet here on the island and they plan on hosting a variety of cultural shows at their new theater, the same theater where Kelly Clarkson sang at during the Miss Vietnam 2014 contest.

vinpearl land phu quoc island tornado waterslide


3.  Try Tet Sweets

All around Duong Dong Town you can find stacks of banh chung and banh tet, which are Vietnamese sweet “cakes”, during Lunar New Year and  in local markets year-round.   If you are a foodie, this is something you have to try!

tet cake phu quoc


4. Pay tribute to the Sea Goddess at Dinh Cau Temple

Phu Quoc’s most iconic site is the Dinh Cau Temple & lighthouse which is located next to the pier in Duong Dong Town.  Join the local people, who pray for good luck and prosperity in the new year, by burning incense sticks in honor of the Sea Goddess (Chua Ngoc Nuong Nuong) that protects the local fisherman.  Incense sticks can be purchased at the base of the temple.

dinh cau temple phu quoc tet holiday

5. Watch the fireworks.

On Lunar New Years Eve, the area around the night market and Dinh Cau Temple will be crowded with a good mix of local people and tourists.  The night culminates with a spectacular fireworks show.

The best place to watch the fireworks would be out on a boat out at sea, at the pier, or on Dinh Cau Beach however you will be able to see the fireworks show from anywhere along Long Beach and beach side near Long Beach Village.

That’s our list of things to do on Phu Quoc Island for Tet 2017 – The Year Of The Goat! Enjoy the island.

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