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Caves In Phu Quoc District

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phu quoc bat cave

Caves on Phu Quoc Island

There are a number of "caves" on Phu Quoc Island as well as on some of the islands found in the An Thoi archipelago (e.g. Hon Xuong "cave"), however most of these caves are really small crevices found in large sandstone sedimentary rock or have been shaped by erosion.    In Phu Quoc District you will not find caves where you can walk in and discover stalagmites likes those found in Northern Vietnam.

Phu Quoc Bat Cave

Behind Ham Ninh Village there is a mountainous area that forms the Ham Ninh Mountain Ridge which stretches up along the eastern coast of Phu Quoc Island.  Here you will find a few large sandstone crevices, aka "caves", that have a small colony of bats.  These "caves" have been given the moniker "Hang Doi", which means Bat Cave, by the local people.  Thanks to hollywood, when people hear "bat cave" they immediately think of "Batman and his cave", but on Phu Quoc this is far from reality.  If you are keen on observing bats in rocks then ask a local living in the Ham Ninh area to guide you

bat caves on phu quoc island


Phu Quoc Island bat caves

Yen Cave

The Yen Cave is the second most popular cave however it is somewhat inaccessible to most tourists as it is near a military zone north of Starfish Beach. The Yen Cave is smaller than the Bat Cave however it does have stunning views of the Gulf of Thailand.

Good footwear and a flashlight are a must when exploring all the caves in Phu Quoc, and be aware of slippery paths, low ceilings, and a variety of snakes and spiders inhabiting these caves.

Chao Mountain Cave

The Chao Mountain (382 meters high)  is located in the northern part of the Phu Quoc National Park.  The area around the mountain is rich in flora and fauna as well as numerous caves.  These caves are currently inaccessible to tourists at the moment however there are plans on making these caves into an ecotourism attraction.  We will update this page as soon as we receive more information from the Vietnamese tourism officers.



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