Dinh Ba Temple Phu Quoc

Discover the Dinh Ba Temple in Ong Lang, Phu Quoc. This wonderful seaside temple is a great place to visit if you are in the Ong Lang Beach area.

Dinh Ba Temple Overview

dinh ba ong lang phu quoc temple

The Dinh Ba Temple is located next to Ong Lang Beach in Ong Lang, Phu Quoc approximately 7km north of Duong Dong Town. Dinh Ba is a seaside temple that pays homage to the local hero Nguyen Trung Tru. Both admission and entrance is free.

What To See

  • Relics – The relics here are very nice. Once you pass the main gate you will see a lot of various different religious statues such as Lady Buddha and Nguyen Trung Truc.
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