Discover Nam Du Islands Famous Sunsets and Sunrises

nam du island sunrise and sunsets

Best Sunsets and Sunrises In Nam Du

When you’re traveling to Nam Du, an exotic island paradise renowned for its beaches, culture, and beautiful surroundings, there are certain things you’ll expect from your trip. Adventure, delicious food, and friendly locals are just a few things that come to mind, but to gain the most from your experience, you’ll need to find the perfect spot to watch the iconic Gulf of Thailand sunsets and sunrise. Here are some of our best sun worshiping spots in Nam Du:

1. Sunset at Trystan's Point

Trystan's Point, named after Trystan Vo, is a very popular spot located just outside of Cu Tron Town on Hon Lon Island. This spot is characterized by the “Lochness Monster” looking karst formation jutting out to sea:

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2. Sunrise By the Pier

The pier at Hon Lon Island is a perfect spot to watch the sun rise right behind Hon Dau Island. Be sure to keep an eye out above to spot the few hawks in the area.

[responsive]nam du island sunrise[/responsive]

3. Sunset Along The Coastal Road

The coastal road along Hon Lon Island is breath taking. Stop anywhere along this road and watch an amazing ocean sunset.

[responsive]nam du island coastal road[/responsive]
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4. Sunrise In Cu Tron Town

Head to the highest point on Hon Lon Island early in the morning and watch the ocean sunrise.

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5. Nam Du Lighthouse Road

Well it is unfortunate that the famous Nam Du Lighthouse is off limits to the public now. However there are a few great spots along the road to the lighthouse that are perfect to take in the scenery:

[responsive]nam du island coastal road[/responsive]

Nam Du sunsets like clockwork

Whether you’re escaping the dreary winter months at home or you’re planning a romantic summer holiday with your loved one, you’re in luck if you’re headed to Nam Du. The climate in Nam Du is warm year round with minimal extremes. This also means the island basks in relatively stable daylight patterns, so you can plan your vantage point for sunset with relative ease.

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