Guide To My Khe Beach In Quang Ngai Province Vietnam

my khe beach quang ngai

All About My Khe Beach In Quang Ngai

Mỹ Khê Beach is a 7km stretch of clean white sandy beach located 15km's east of Quảng Ngãi city in central Vietnam. It is a mainland coastal beach similar to the famous My Khe Beach found in Danang however there is one big difference which is immediately noticeable upon arrival – the My Khe Beach in Quang Ngai is devoid of the sounds of traffic.


There are only 4 hotels/motels in the area (as of December 2015), a handful of beach side restaurants, and less touristy that other beach destinations in Vietnam. The peacefulness of this picturesque beach cannot be overstated – it is the perfect quiet beach getaway in Vietnam!

The following is a detailed visual guide to My Khe Beach.

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My Khe Beach In Pictures

The following are a series of pictures depicting the beach scenery at sunrise, mid-day, and sunset.

Sunrise at Mỹ Khê Beach

[responsive]my khe beach sunrise[/responsive]
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Mid Day at My Khe Beach

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Sunset at My Khe Beach

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My Khe Beach Flora and Fauna

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[responsive]my khe beach poplar trees[/responsive]
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Where To Stay Around My Khe Beach

There are few beach hotels and motels next to the beach with prices starting at 200,000VND to 500,000VND per night. We stayed at the My Khe Hotel, one of the nicest hotel next to the beach with arguably the fastest wifi.

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There are also a few hotels in the nearby town (Tinh Khe) as well with a standard room costing 100,000VND and up. The town is just 500 meters from My Khe Beach making it a great base for budget travelers.

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Where To Eat At My Khe Beach, Quang Ngai

Most hotels around My Khe Beach have their own restaurants however the prices can be a bit on the high side. For cheaper eats you can walk across the bridge and into town for cheap traditional Vietnamese food such as Com Tam, Bun Bo, and Pho all for just 20,000VND per dish.


You can also eat at the many seafood restaurants found next to the beach. We tried the crab at 350,000VND per kilogram and highly recommend it.

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Getting Around My Khe Beach

If you do not have your own transportation then you have 2 options to get around town: Xe Om (motorbike taxi) or Taxi.


  • Sun Taxi Tel: 3778899 | 05535353535
  • Taxi Tien Sa: 0553797979
  • Ma Ling Taxi Tel: 853595959

You can also travel from My Khe Beach to Sa Ky Port by the local bus. Fares are 13,000VND and the bus operates throughout the day.

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Around Tinh Khe

Tinh Khe is the village where My Khe beach is located. Here you will find a few shops selling food, appliances, bridal gowns, cell phones, etc. You can also arrange for travel out of My Khe from here.

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Kinh River

Dividing Tinh Khe from My Khe Beach is the beautiful Kinh River, which stretches all the way to Sa Ky Port:

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Getting There

Quang Ngai Province is located in the central coastal region of Vietnam, bordering Kon Tum Province and the Truong Son mountain range to the west, Quang Nam to the north, Binh Dinh to the south and the East Sea to the east, with a coastline of more than 140km. The province has an international airport (Chu Lai Airport), a train station (Ga Quang Ngai), a few bus stations, and a sea port (Sa Ky port).

By Train

From Ga Quang Ngai train station, find a taxi or Xe Om in front of the station and tell them you want to go to “My Khe Beach“.

By Air

Fly to Chu Lai Airport in Quang Ngai Province.  The Chu Lai Airport is located in Tam Ky City, a city very close to Hoi An. From the airport, take a taxi to the beach. The fare should be about 580,000VND. Alternatively you can take a bus into Quang Ngai City and then either take a taxi or motorbike to My Khe Beach.

By Bus

Most of the larger buses to Quang Ngai drop off along Highway 1A just near Quang Ngai City. You need to get off on the north side of Highway 1A and either flag a taxi or Xe Om down. It is best to use Google Maps on your smartphone in order to orient yourself. At the junction of Highway 24B, the beach is about 10kms away.

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Things To Do Around My Khe Beach

Tourists can visit the historical site and museum of Son My Museum which is located 2kms from My Khe Beach. At Son My you can view photographs and relics of the brutal Son My massacre, the killing of innocent Vietnamese by the Americans during the American War. Entrance fee to this museum is just 10,000VND. Tourists can also visit Truong Dinh temple. Truog Dinh is a national hero and his temple is located in Tinh Khe Commune. Finally you can visit Ly So Island, a volcanic island that is famous for its garlic production (see below).

Getting To Ly Son Island From My Khe Beach

At 6:00am there is a local bus (13,000VND fare) that stops near the gate of the My Khe Hotel that will take you to Sa Ky Port. From Sa Ky port you can purchase round trip ferry tickets to Ly Son Island (206,000VND). The first boat to Ly Son leaves at 7:30am and the last boat leaves at 8:30am. Make sure you bring your passport with you. If you need to stay at Sa Ky Port or Ly Son Island then there are a few simple hotel options available to you. Motorbikes are allowed on the ferry to Ly Son Island. If you do not have your own motorbike, you can rent a motorbike at the island for 150,000VND.

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Random Photos Taken Around My Khe