ham ninh village beach
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Ham Ninh Village Beach

Discover Ham Ninh Village Beach on Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam. This beach situated on the east coast of the island is famous for its long jetty, seagrass, and amazing sunrises. Learn more today!

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Ham Ninh Village Beach is located on the east coast of Phu Quoc Island. The beach is adjacent to the famous Ham Ninh Jetty. This beach is not a swimming nor a relaxing beach but it is a great beach to observe local village life, especially the lives of the fishermen living here.

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The sand at Ham Ninh Beach is yellow in color. Be aware that there is a lot of debris on the beach. The sea around the beach is also quite shallow. The nicer stretch of Ham Ninh Beach is located 2kms north of the Jetty.

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  • Snorkeling: Even though there is no coral reef here you can still snorkel here and see a variety of sealife that inhabits the surrounding sea grass. Some of the marine life you will see here are starfish, seahorses, small fish, crabs, and a variety of shellfish. If you are lucky and venture deep enough you may even see a giant green turtle or a hawksbill turtle.

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  • Ham Ninh Jetty: The long jetty that stretches out far into the ocean is a must see while visiting Ham Ninh Beach. In the evening time, head on over to the very end of the jetty to enjoy the sun setting behind the Ham Ninh Mountain Range.

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  • Sunrise: If you can wake up early enough, try to make it to Ham Ninh Beach to witness a spectacular sunrise.
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At Ham Ninh Village there are a lot of seafood restaurants located around the Jetty. Ham Ninh is known to have the best crab on Phu Quoc. You can also purchase a variety of cheap Vietnamese street food near the Ham Ninh Market (Cho Ham Ninh), which is located 1km from the Jetty.

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