Lunar New Years Eve on Phu Quoc – What to expect

what to do for tet 2015 phu quoc

Tet New Years Eve On Phu Quoc

The following is a schedule of events of what is happening on Phu Quoc Island on Lunar New Years Eve , Tet.

  • Phu Quoc will celebrate a special free show for Tet on Feb 18, 2015 at the old airport in Duong Dong Town, which is across the river.  This show will start at 7pm.  There will be a live show, media presence, as well as many vendors selling snacks.
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  • There will be a fireworks show at the Dinh Cau Temple starting at 10pm.
  • The area around the Dinh Cau Temple, Duong Dong Pier, and sections of Duong Dong Town will be lit up with neon lights.
  • On Feb 19, 2015 the local people will go to the various temples and pagodos for blessings, known as Mùng Một Tết
  • Also on Feb 19, 2015 there will be a lion dance through out the city
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How will the hotels and resorts celebrate Tet?

Most of the higher end hotels on the island have their own 2015 Tet New Years Eve & Lunar News Years Day program.  They are all unique in their own right but they all share the following characteristics:

  • There will be some sort of cultural show
  • There will be a dinner either on New Years Eve, New Years Day, or both
  • Special prayer to welcome in the New Year.
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Tet Lunar New Years on Phu Quoc Island
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