Phu Quoc Apartments For Rent

phu quoc apartment for rent

Rental Apartments Found On Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam

As Phu Quoc develops into a top tier tourist destination, more and more people are moving to the island either to explore retirement opportunities, for work, or for temporary residency. Below you will find some rental properties found on Phu Quoc which you can rent either on a short term or long term basis.  For more generic options, please check out our accommodation listings. There are also a few Phu Quoc apartment listings found on AirBNB.

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Apartments For Rent On Phu Quoc

A good place to start looking for an apartment for rent on Phu Quoc is in Duong Dong Town, the largest town on the island. There are a few alleyways located adjacent to Tran Hung Dao Street, a major street in Duong Dong Town, that has new apartments. Directly across from the Chez Carole restaurant, a large restaurant found along Tran Hung Dao, is an alleyway that has numerous apartments and where most of the expats live.

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You can also stay at some of the guesthouse found around the island for a longer period of time, as seen below:
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Phu Quoc House For Rent

On Phu Quoc you will also find entire houses for rent.

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Phu Quoc Discussion Forum

If you want to ask locals and expats who are currently living on the island about what is available in terms of housing, we suggest that you join The Largest Phu Quoc Discussion Forum Here.

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