Observe pods of dolphins or surfacing whales in and around Phu Quoc Island District.

Phú Quốc Whale & Dolphin Watching

From mid November to early December, visitors to Phu Quoc Island who venture out to the southern An Thoi Archipelago can watch pods of whales pass by in the Gulf of Thailand, if they are lucky of course.

The Gulf of Thailand is home to 4 species of cetaceans — whales, dolphins and porpoises — which are Bryde’s Whales, Irrawaddy dolphins, Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin and fin-less porpoise.  Whales are considered sacred and are even worshiped in Phu Quoc as well as other coastal places in and around Vietnam.

Phu Quoc whale dolphin watching

In The Spotlight: Whale Sharks

Whale Sharks (hiện cá nhám) are found in around the waters of the Gulf of Thailand. Tourists have the best chance of spotting whale sharks in Phu Quoc during the months of March, April, May, September and October.

Whale Sharks in Phu Quoc
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