phu quoc water puppet show theater

Phu Quoc Water Puppet Show Theater

The Phu Quoc Water Puppet Show & Theater located in Duong Dong Town brings the traditional art of Múa rối nước or water puppetry to Vietnam's largest island. The art dates back to the 11th century and this new show brings another great entertainment venue to Phu Quoc.

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Water puppetry originated in Vietnam and has a history in the 12th century. The puppets are controlled by the artists hands and are made of wood which have been lathered in a special lacquer to help prevent corrosion when they are subject to water. The puppets dance on a stage of water, much like how it was done in the old days. The dance is coordinated to traditional Vietnamese folk music and the stories that are told are those that depict local village life.

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Phu Quoc Water Puppet Ticket Prices, Show Times & Schedule

Fares: 150,000VND adult | 60,000VND child | Free for small children

[box style=”1″][one_half]Afternoon Shows

Day: Saturday & Sunday
Time: 5:00pm[/one_half] [one_half_last]Evening Shows

Day: Monday to Sunday
Time: 7:30pm & 8:45pm[/one_half_last][/box]

* Special private shows can be arranged for large groups and tours.

Đao Ngoc Water Puppet Theater Program

The unique repertoire selected from the Vietnam traditional puppetry:

1. Hanging flags, flag enabled, turn on tape
2. Teu “giao dau”
3. clown Teu + buffaloes Fighting
4. Ducks
5. Fishing
6. Children in the waterway
7. Eight fairies dance
8. Swing
9. Tambourine' dance
10. Lions dispute ball
11. Turtle offered sword to Le Loi
12. Chi Lang' win
13. The story of Hoan Kiem Lake
14. Four spirit dance

There is also a program for children and separate program for those who want to learn the art of water puppetry.

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