Phu Quoc Weather

Phu Quoc Island has a tropical climate that varies throughout the year so it’s worthwhile knowing what weather conditions to expect before you arrive.

phu quoc island weather guide


Phu Quoc Weather – An Overview

Phu Quoc Island’s tropical weather can best be described as being either “dry or sunny” or really “wet”, depending on the season. The exact weather classification for this island is “tropical monsoonal sub equatorial” which basically means that the island is affected by the south monsoon (aka torrential downpour) with a strong southeasterly wind.  The annual average temperature and rainfall on the island can be seen below:

phu quoc island average rainfall
phu quoc island temperature

When is the best time to visit Phu Quoc?

You can visit Phu Quoc Island all year round of course as it is a beautiful island however if you want to avoid the rain and rough seas then the best time would be to come during the High Season.  The following describes the three climate seasons on Phu Quoc: High Season, Transition Season, and Low Season.

when to go to phu quoc

High Season

Phu Quoc’s weather is at its best between November to March. These months also coincide with Christmas, New Years, Spring Break, and Tet holiday, so expect a crowd. The average temperature is 30 degree Celsius (84 F) with the skies being clear and blue and the water being very calm and with higher visibility. The humidity is also much lower. During this time all tour operators are working around the clock to service the influx of tourists. With it being “peak tourist” season, you likely need to book a hotel or a resort in advance, however the island is still relatively new and new hotels and resorts are being built very fast. Flights will also be a bit more expensive during this time, however the government is still offering most of the airlines a subsidy to keep fares relatively low in order to increase the number of visitors to the island.

phu quoc high season

Transition Season

If you want to come and visit Phú Quốc when it is less busy, still hot and sunny, and where the hotel/resort rates are at their lowest then you should come during the month of April, May, June, or October. In April and May the humidity is high and the temperature on the island is at its hottest and in October there is a good chance it will rain at least once during the day. October is also when most hotels, resorts, restaurants, and even the government plan to update their infrastructure (build more rooms, improve roads, etc) so expect some noise and delays while enjoying the serenity.

Low Season

The monsoon is at its worse during July, August, and September. The rain falls down hard, the water is rough, and the air is very windy… for some this romantic, for others it is a nightmare. The roads are muddy and flooded during this time and you literally cannot move freely around the island. It is very difficult to ride a motorbike during the monsoon season. On the bright side you can observe beautiful waterfalls and even catch a rainbow. If you plan on visiting the island during this time, remember to bring your rain jacket, umbrella, mosquito repellent, and a good book/tablet device.

Note: During the rainy season, if you head to the South East coast of the island near An Thoi town, the waters are usually calm and clear, particularly at Sao Beach (Bai Sao) and Khem Beach (Bai Khem).

phu quoc rainy season

Monthly Weather Forecast For Phú Quốc

The following is a month by month summary of the weather in Phu Quoc to provide you with a reasonably accurate picture of the what to expect in Phú Quốc island for an enjoyable and relaxing holiday.

The Weather in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam
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The Weather in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam
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