Scuba Diving The South An Thoi Archipelago In Phu Quoc Vietnam

scuba diving phu quoc south island

Scuba Diving Phu Quoc – The South | An Thoi Islands

The An Thoi Archipelago is the best area to scuba dive in Phu Quoc, especially during October to April. The following is a video of a typical day out diving:

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Phu Quoc South Diving Sites

The following are some of the more popular dive sites found around the An Thoi Archipelago:

South Pineapple Point

This is one of the deepest dive sites (35m) in the area, but relatively shallow compared with other sites found around Asia. There are strong currents that can create a challenge even for experienced divers. Some of the animals you may encounter here include: bamboo sharks, green turtles (rare), eagle rays, stingrays, and the occasional manta ray, along with shoaling fish large and small.

Dragon Rock

There are a lot of rocks and boulders at this dive site which is only 15m in depth. Here you can find a few different species of angelfish, groupers, barracuda, and moray eels, along with napping nurse sharks and small bamboo sharks.

Dam Ngoai South

The western of Dam Ngoai is only 12m in depth while the southern side is 18m. Here you will find a variety of hard and soft coral, sea fans, canyon sponges, and a variety of macro life.

Roi East

With a maximum depth of 10m, Roi Island East is a great site to discover macro life.Watch for hermit crabs and glass shrimp, along with other crustaceans, and keep an eye out for the stone fish and scorpion fish that often hide along the reef. Larger creatures are here as well; keep an eye out for moray eels, groupers, and sweet lips.

May Rut West

Probably the best place to potentially see a bamboo shark. May Rut West has a depth of 25m and is sheltered from outside currents. Excellent for all divers, it is home to harmless banded sea snakes, cuttlefish, octopus, moray eels, and many other creatures, all of which are more than happy to pose for photos.

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