Paradise Found: The 10 best beaches in the Phu Quoc Archipelago

top ten beaches phu quoc

After visiting all the beaches, talking with other tourists, expats, and locals, we have finally compiled a list of the ten best beaches on the Phu Quoc Archipelago, which consists of 24 islands.

1. Sao Beach

Not only is Sao Beach visually spectacular, the sand here is bright white containing a large amount of silica, which does not retain heat, enabling visitors to walk around the silky shore comfortably while barefoot on a sunny day. With azure seas, swaying palm trees, and white sand Sao Beach is arguably the best beach in all of Vietnam.

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2. Long Beach

Known for its gorgeous sunsets, Long Beach is Phu Quoc’s most popular beach. In addition to sun and sand, Long Beach offers pretty much anything a reveler could want, from variety of accommodation options, beach massage, pubs to discotheques, and even shore snorkeling.

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3. Kem Beach

Kem Beach, or Cream Beach is the “other” easily accessible white sand beach located just south of Sao Beach in An Thoi Town.  Kem Beach was once a restricted military zone but now the area is accessible to the public.

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4. Ganh Dau Beach

This gorgeous beach located at the north western tip of the island has some of the best found anywhere in Phu Quoc.  Not only can you view Cambodia from Ganh Dau but you can also discover the marine life by snorkeling in the surrounding turquoise waters.

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5. Dai Beach

Isolation, like many good things, often comes with a hefty price tag. If you can afford the luxury accommodation offerings at Vinpeal Phu Quoc then you're sure to relish a Vietnamese beach that has powdery yellow sand and greenish blue seas.


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6. Ong Lang Beach

One of Phu Quoc’s more popular spots, Ong Lang beach offers a more relaxing alternative to the hustle and bustle of Long Beach. Here, you will not find a continuous beach but rather a series of beaches separated by a few rocks. Ong Lang Beach offers ample opportunities to sip a cool drink, get a massage and just soak up the sun on a reclining lounger.


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7. Dam Beach

Dam Beach, on the eastern end of the island, is one of the best places to soak up some solo time on the sand. This beach just recently became accessible due to the grand opening of the islands newest temple – the Ho Quoc Pagoda.

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8. Thom Beach

Sick of ordinary yellow sand beaches? Then head down to Thom Beach for something entirely different. The sand here is darker, to sea is teeming with life, and the mountainous scenery is mesmerizing. At low tide you can even walk across a rocky bridge that connects Thom Beach to nearby Mot Island.


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9. Vung Bau Beach

Located on the north western side of the island, almost hidden between Ong Lang Beach and Dai Beach, is a secluded and calm crescent shaped beach with excellent swimming, snorkeling and kayaking called Vung Bau Beach. This beach is family-friendly, clean, and has some bungalow-style accommodations scattered throughout.

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10. Cua Can Beach

Located on the west coast approximately 6km north of Duong Dong Town and just beyond the village of the same name lies this unique arc shaped beach. Cua Can Beach is formed by the ocean and the Cua Can river colliding to create a picturesque sand bar.

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Top 10 Beaches In Phu Quoc Archiepelago
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Top 10 Beaches In Phu Quoc Archiepelago
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