Top 3 Hiking Trails On Phu Quoc Island

phu quoc hiking trekking

Hiking and Trekking on Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam – The Top 3 Trails

Phu Quoc is Vietnam's largest island as well as a UNESCO recognized world biosphere reserve. On the island you will find a variety of hiking trails to satisfy outdoor enthusiasts. Here are the top 3 treks found on the island:

[separator headline=”h2″ title=”1. Ganh Dau Trail”]

This trail is one of the most popular on the island. Many tour buses and tour groups stop here to visit the giant trees found along the extra wide path. The Ganh Dau Trail is an easy trail and fun for the whole family.

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[separator headline=”h2″ title=”2. Phu Quoc National Park Trail”]

As of 2015 this is the only trail that takes you into the heart of the Phu Quoc National Park. It is located next to the Duong Dong Bai Thom Highway.

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[separator headline=”h2″ title=”3. Rach Tram Trail”]

The Rach Tram Trail consists of a series of small trails located in the North Western part of Phu Quoc. The terrain here is flat and there is virtually no traffic here do to the fact that it is very remote.

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