Top 5 Coffee Shops On Phu Quoc Island

top 5 coffee shops on phu quoc island

The Best Places To Grab A Cup Of Coffee On Phu Quoc Island

Vietnam is the 2nd largest producer of coffee in the world and it is of no surprise that you will find amazing coffee shops and cafes on Vietnam's largest island, Phu Quoc. As the island develops at a dizzying rate it seems like a new coffee shop opens its doors every day. There are both local style cafes and fancy western style cafes (with western style pricing to boot!) that can be found all over Phu Quoc. There are literally hundreds of great cafes spread out over the island and for tourists choosing one that is aligned with their budget as well as one that can satisfy their caffeine addiction can be a daunting task. Fear not, we have done the research for you and below you will find the best 5 coffee shops on the island. Our favorites are all located in the Long Beach Area, which is the epicenter of all tourist activity on Phu Quoc.

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5 Amazing Cafe's Found In Phu Quoc, Bar None:

1. La Caffe Deli

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Location: Near Duong Dong Town on Tran Hung Dao Street across from the Dinh Cau Night Market
Review: La Caffe Deli has been serving great local and western style coffee on the island for such a long time now that it has become an institution.  It has one of the best espresso's and lattes found on Phu Quoc and it is strategically located across from the famous Dinh Cau Night Market, making it a perfect place to sit back with a cup of joe and people watch.  Digital Nomads will like this place as La Caffe Deli has a strong Wifi connection and great lighting.

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2. PQ Cafe


Location: Bach Dang Street, next to the Bach Dang Night Market
Review: A favorite with locals, especially working professionals.  This place is quite busy throughout the day and their coffee is affordable for everyone, tourist and locals alike. It is also a great place to sit back back, coffee in hand, and watch the hustle and bustle of the night market.

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3. Lighthouse Hotel Cafe

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Location: Tran Hung Dao near the Dinh Cau Night Market
Review: The closest cafe to a Starbucks found on Phu Quoc.  The Lighthouse Hotel Cafe has great western favorites – lattes, espresso, flat white, etc.  It is a newer modern cafe serving a variety of coffee and non coffee related beverages.  The prices are a bit higher than your average street side cafes but if you are looking for something that resembles an upscale coffee shop, this is it!

Tip: Grab a coffee and head on over to the hotels rooftop for a spectacular view of the ocean and Duong Dong Town.

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4. Cafe Den Long

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Location: Nguyen Trung Truc on the way to Bai Thom
Review: A coffee shop in a temple like setting. Embrace serenity while sipping on your favorite beverage.

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Location: Tran Hung Dao Street just before the Night Market
Review: EMOI is a great place that serves not only coffee but also quality comfort foods and the best ice cream on the island. Although it is a but pricey, we have included EMOI in our top 5 because it offers an amazing view of the Gulf of Thailand.

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Coffee Shops & Cafe's To Avoid On Phu Quoc:

[box style=”1″]Tourist should be aware that some coffee shops found on Phu Quoc Island make misleading marketing claims in order to lure you into their cafe and spend your money with them.  Some of these dubious and unethical claims are, but not limited to: “Fastest Wifi on the island“, “Official tourist information center“, “Best coffee shop on Phu Quoc“, or “We are an institution“.  As none of these claims can be verified and the fact that there are no advertising standards or code of ethics found on Phu Quoc, any shop making such a claim should be avoided at all costs.  Just because a coffee shop looks nice on the outside does not necessarily mean that the coffee is of any good, and on Phu Quoc this is clearly the case. [/box]

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