10 Best Beaches in Vietnam

the best beaches in Vietnam

With over 1,000km's of coastline in Vietnam, there are literally hundreds of beaches. Unfortunately, most of these beaches are overdeveloped and not pristine. Some are eroding, some are littered with trash, and some simply just do not look nice. We have scoured the country in search of the best beaches in Vietnam, like those seen on postcards, and here are the 10 beaches that we think meet the bar:

Nhat Beach

Location: Con Son Island, Con Dao | Vietnamese Name: Bãi Nhát

Hands down the best beach in Vietnam. Located in the remote Con Dao archiepelago, Nhat Beach is breathtaking. Currently there is no development here but that is bound to change. Both the beach and sea at Nhat Beach are clean and there is a good chance you will be the only one on the beach, especially during the mid-day.

nhat beach in con dao

Video of Nhat Beach in Con Dao:

Sao Beach

Location: Phu Quoc Island, Phu Quoc | Vietnamese Name: Bãi Sao

Sao Beach is your typical “post card perfect” beach with swaying palm trees, soft white sand, and turquoise seas. It is one of Phu Quoc's gems and a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. There is some development here and development will ramp up in the coming years.

sao beach phu quoc island vietnam

Video of Sao Beach in Phu Quoc Island:

Chuong Beach

Location: Mau Island, Nam Du | Vietnamese Name: Bãi Chướng

Chuong Beach is Nam Du's best beach. It is also the island archipelago's most popular beach as it is the only beach that has white sand. The sea here is very shallow which makes it perfect for kids and non-swimmers to get wet and play in the sea. Learn more about Nam Du Island.

bai chuong beach on nam du island

Video of Choung Beach in Phu Quoc Island:

Fingernail Island

Location: An Thoi archipelago, Hon Thom Commune, Phu Quoc | Vietnamese Name: Hòn Xuong

The island shaped like a hanging fingernail. This island located in the southern part of Phu Quoc in the An Thoi archipelago has an awesome white sand beach. It used to be one of Phu Quoc's secret beaches but the secret is out.

Hon Xuong Island

Video of Hon Xuong Island in Phu Quoc:

Doc Let Beach

Location: Ninh Hoa, Van Phong bay, Nha Trang | Vietnamese Name: Bãi Doc Let

Doc Let Beach is located 30km's north of Nha Trang and has a spectacular beach that feature white sands and sparkling waters. It is the best beach in Nha Trang and one of the best beaches in all of Vietnam. Part of the appeal of Doc Let is the adventure that you will have in reaching the beach because it occupies such a remote position. Once there, you will have a wonderful opportunity to spend time in sea kayaks, snorkel or swim in the turquoise waters, or just relax on soft white sands. There are a few beach resorts located here as well and Doc Let is a viable alternative to Nha Trang.

doc let beach

Video of Doc Let Beach in Nha Trang:

Dam Trau Beach

Location: Con Son Island, Con Dao | Vietnamese Name: Bãi Đầm Trầu

Dam Trau Beach is the 2nd best beach found in Con Dao, after the famous Nhat Beach mentioned earlier. This beach features a calm sea than most offering wonderful opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, jet skiing and exploring the beach for unique souvenirs. An extremely beautiful spot, Dam Trau Beach in Con Dao is comparatively undeveloped, although it is located close to the Con Dao Airport.

dam trau beach in con dao

Video of Dam Trau Beach in Con Dao:

Dai Beach

Location: Ganh Dau, Phu Quoc | Vietnamese Name: Bãi Dai

Dai Beach, a beautiful sandy beach, is located on Phu Quoc Island. CNN once ranked this place as one of the best beaches in Asia. The area surrounding the beach is fringed with palm trees as well as luxury 5 star beach resorts, but Dai Beach is particularly special because of its amazing ocean sunsets.

ganh dau beach

Video of Dai Beach in Phu Quoc Island:

Gam Ghi Island

Location: An Thoi Archipelago, Phu Quoc | Vietnamese Name: Hòn Gầm Ghì

Gam Ghi Island is a special place in its own right, but is made even more special by the privacy and seclusion it offers and the white sands and warm waters that can be found. Of course, this is enhanced by turquoise waters, jungle backdrop, and a beautiful blue sky.

hon gam ghi island

Video of Gam Ghi Island in Phu Quoc:

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Long Beach

Location: Phu Quoc Island, Phu Quoc | Vietnamese Name: Bãi Truong

Located on Phu Quoc's main island, Long Beach is home to over 20km's of spectacular yellow sandy beach. It also features an amazing assortment of accommodations and restaurants, which are appealing to travelers. Long Beach is located on the western end of Phu Quoc and it is the islands most popular beach.

long beach on phu quoc island

Video of Long Beach in Phu Quoc Island:

Men Beach

Location: Lon Island, Nam Du | Vietnamese Name: Bãi Cây Mến

Another postcard perfect beach, Men Beach on Nam Du is truly a hidden gem. Located on the western side of Lon Island, Men Beach has extremely soft powdery yellow sand, a shallow turquoise bay which is great for swimming, and a perfect view of the setting sun. Currently there are no hotels on or near the beach but that is bound to change as Nam Du's popularity picks up.

Bai men beach on nam du island

Diep Son Island

Location: Van Gia Town, Van Phong Bay, Khanh Hoa | Vietnamese Name: đảo Điệp Sơn

There are many beautiful, untouched islands in the south-central province of Khanh Hoa, home to the famous Nha Trang Bay but Diep Son is the best. Located in the middle of Van Phong Bay, Diep Son Island is so loved because it is small, secluded and intimate. Here there are 3 islands connected by an ocean beach bridge that is half submerged in the crystal clear turquoise water.

diep son island

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