Who We Are?

PhuQuocIslandGuide.com is the authority on Phu Quoc District and its’ surrounding islands. Our online travel guide was created to assist visitors in planning an awesome vacation on Vietnam’s largest island and Asia’s next tropical holiday destination. Throughout this website visitors will find a collection of entries and reviews of what we believe are the best attractions on the island. Our perspective as both a local resident and traveler to the island is unique and all content on this website has been written by our team of contributing authors. In fact, we have over 200 pages of travel advise and reviews, over 100 high definition videos on all the major attractions found on the island, and the largest interactive forum for Q&A on the web.

Sustainable Tourism

Phu Quoc Island is rapidly changing and we hope for the better. We believe in being stewards of the environment and we promote responsible eco-tourism. Our goal is to increase the quality of life of the local people while facilitating and enhancing the travel experiences of both domestic and international tourists through synergy with relevant non-governmental organizations, the mass media, and local authorities.


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Mission Statement: “To provide visitors with the most accurate, detailed, and unbiased travel information about Phu Quoc, while maintaining a balance with the environment and people, and continuing to give back to the community and residents of the island”.

Meet the PhuQuocIslandGuide.com Team

Meet our dedicated team of island experts. They are young, educated, adventurous, environmentally conscious and collectively have over 15 years of experience on “Phu Quoc”!


Social Media Manager

Xin Chao everyone I’m Thoa! I’ve lived and worked on Phu Quoc for many years and help launch the islands first international hospital. Currently I manage all the social media and team of bloggers. My favorite thing to do in Phu Quoc is to watch the sunsets.


Product Manager

I’ve been visiting Phu Quoc since 2013 and it is one of my favorite islands in Asia. Here on PhuQuocIslandGuide.com, I manage product development, advertising, and IT. If you are interested in sponsoring us or advertising please contact me. My favorite activity on Phu Quoc is to snorkel!


Travel Writer

Здравствуйте! I am a Russian living in Saigon for the past 3 years and I arrange tours and plan itineraries for Russian travelers to Phu Quoc and Nha Trang. Here at PhuQuocIslandGuide.com I write and translate articles into the Russian language. My favorite thing to do on Phu Quoc is to explore the island by motorbike.


Travel Writer

I blog therefore I am. Hi I am Hoa and I love love love Phu Quoc. Originally from California I moved back to Vietnam in 2014 and I am loving every minute of it. When I am not busy writing or taking pictures for PhuQuocIslandguide.com, you can find me teaching English in Saigon. My favorite thing to do on Phu Quoc is watching the sunset.


Internet Marketing

Hi I am Kim! I am originally from Bình Dương Province and recently came to Phú Quốc to work in the hospitality industry. I also write articles for PhuQuocIslandGuide.com. My favorite thing to do on Phu Quoc is to drink Nuoc Mia with my friends at sunset.


Dutch Travel Expert

I am Dutch expat who lives in Saigon and loves to travel. I love Phu Quoc and with the short 45 minute flight from Ho Chi Minh City, Phu Quoc offers the perfect beach getaway. I provide customize tailored tourist services for Dutch Nationals. If you are from Holland and want to discover the real Phu Quoc or Saigon, please contact me. My favorite thing to do while on Phu Quoc is to take pictures of the varying landscapes.

Why Did We Write This Guide?

We were disappointed with the current information that was available online as this information was either outdated or the source providing the information was either promoting their own business, a specific hotel/resort, or a travel/tour agency. We wanted to enhance the visitor experience by providing the most extensive, unbiased and detailed guide on Phu Quoc Island today. We include everything from travel and accommodation tips to economic and island development insight – all in one place! Whether you are a tourist, an expat, an entrepreneur, or a local, we have something of value for you on our comprehensive site.

How Much Of This Extensive Guide Should You Read?

To get the most value, you’ll want to read the whole thing! However we know your time is limited. To start, you may read whatever section applies to you now, but it can definitely benefit you to read it all. Our guide is also tablet and smartphone friendly, so you can take us with you wherever you may be.

I love what you stand for, how can I help?

We are always in need of more pictures, videos, reviews, and trip summaries. If you want to submit an original piece of content and help contribute to our Phu Quoc specific knowledge base please contact us today.

We hope you have a fantastic time on the island and we look forward to interacting with you on our website here at PhuQuocIslandGuide.com! While on the island, remember to take only pictures and leave only footprints.

keep calm and love phu quoc

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