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Vinpearl Safari Zoo Phu Quoc

Discover the Vinpearl Safari Zoo on Phu Quoc – The islands first jungle adventure featuring local and rare animals and plants. Learn more today!

Vinpearl Safari Zoo Phu Quoc – Overview

Embark on a fascinating journey through Vietnam’s first safari park called Vinpearl Safari Zoo Phú Quốc.  Vinpearl Safari is the largest open-range safari park and wildlife care and conservation park in Vietnam. The Vinpearl Safari Zoo Phu Quoc will have approximately 3,000 animal representing 150 species and 400 species of plants on 380 hectares of land. Launched on Dec 24, 2015 the open air zoo concept is modeled after a similar safari-style zoo found in Singapore.

vinpearl safari phu quoc
vinpearl safari phu quoc

The park will be divided into 2 main areas: 1)Open Zoo area where guests can walk around and see various different animals and 2) Safari are where guests board a tram and visit animals wandering throughout the park (see video below).

Video Tour of Vinpearl Safari:

There will also be live animal shows, discovery center, zulu dancers, interactive areas, and a shopping street. Dining options include full service restaurants (Rhino Restaurant, Flamingo Restaurant, Giraffe Restaurant) as well as fast food.

rhino restaurant vinpearl safari
souvenirs at vinpearl safari
fast food vinpearl safari
shopping at vinpearl safari

Electric trams will take visitors on an ‘atmospheric journey’ when touring through the Safari Park. Visitors will be able to spot the day and night creatures in their natural habitat.

Vinpearl Safari Location, Hours of Operation, and Fares:

vinpearl safari phu quoc location

The Vinpearl Safari Zoo Phú Quốc is located in the north western part of island in Ganh Dau (Khu Bãi Dài,xã Gành Dầu) directly across from Vinpearl Land and just south of the Vinmec International hospital.

Hours of operation: 9:00am to 4:30pm | Monday – Sunday

Entrance fee: Adults over 1.4m: 500,000VND | Adults between 1.0m – 1.4m & Seniors: 400,000VND | Kids below 1.0m are free. Advanced tickets can be purchased at most hotels and/travel agents. You can also buy tickets at the zoo itself.

Transportation from Dương Đông Town: There will be shuttle buses to pick up passengers from various locations around Duong Dong Town, Duong To Town, and Long Beach Village. In order to board the shuttle buses, you must hold a ticket.

Tel: +84 773 63 66 99 | Customer Service 093 102 29 29

Vinpearl Safari Map:

Vinpearl Safari Map Phu Quoc Island Vietnam

Vinpearl Safari Tour

The following are a series of images depicting what Vinpearl Safari has to offer from a tourist perspective:

Vinpearl Safari Grounds

vinpearl safari grounds
vinpearl safari phu quoc island in vietnam

Safari Park & Open Zoo

vinpearl safario lions in pride
vinpearl safari lions
vinpearl safari elephants
vinpearl safari rhinos phu quoc vietnam
vinpearl safari ducks
vinpearl safari ostrich
vinpearl safari peacock
vinpearl safari birds
vinpearl safari wildebeast
vinpearl safari tigers
vinpearl safari giraffes

Conservation Program Vinpearl Animal Safari

Vinpearl Safari Zoo Phu Quoc will also have a conservation program where the organization will conduct research, educational and fundraising activities. Their mission is to “promote the conservation of wild animals and the environment through scientific research, education and community inspire conservation of nature“. Their initial focus will be on the rare animals found the island and throughout Vietnam.

Conservation Program Vinpearl Animal Safari

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