An Thoi Phu Quoc

The port town of An Thoi is located at the southern tip of Phu Quoc and after Duong Dong Town it is the second largest town on the island.

An Thoi – Phu Quoc’s Gateway To The Sea

map of an thoi town
an thoi phu quoc

Historically, An Thoi is famous for its prison concentration camp nicknamed the “Coconut Tree Prison” which was often referred to as “hell on earth” for generations. The prison was built by the French and expanded by the Americans during the Vietnam/American war. Today An Thoi is booming and famous for its white sand beaches (Sao Beach and Khem Beach) numerous coral reefs, commercial fishing industry, fish sauce factories, and its port. The islands naval base is also located here. There are a few hotels, cafes, a large church, a market, and even a small hospital.

What To See

  • An Thoi Port – The busiest port on the island is filled with colorful fishing boats and tourist boats that line the shore and makes for a great photo opportunity, especially at sunset. The cost to enter the port is 5,000VND.
  • Wet and dry fish market – Near the port you will see a lot of small shops selling fresh and dried fish and also processing newly caught fish.
  • An Thoi Church – There is a large Christian church in town that may be of interest to you.


  • Sung Duc Pagoda – Near the south western tip of the island there is a very beautiful Buddhist temple that is definitely worth a visit.



  • Coconut Tree Prison – The infamous concentration camp is close to An Thoi town. Admission is 20,000VND.

Coconut tree prison phu quoc

  • Sao Beach & Khem Beach – Two of the islands most beautiful white sand beaches in Phu Quoc are located 10 minutes from An Thoi Town. You can either ride a motorbike up to these beaches or charter a boat from An Thoi Port.


  • Kings Well – An historic site that features a small beach and fresh water well can be visited by chartering a boat from An Thoi Town.

kings well gia long sword

What To Do

  • Visit Pineapple Island (Hon Thom) by ferry – The ferry from An Thoi port costs 30,000VND for a one way trip to the island and it takes about 45minutes. at the island you can snorkel the surrounding bays or just observe how the locals live.

ferry to hon thom island

  • Tour the An Thoi Archipelago – You can charter a boat to visit the An Thoi Islands. These islands are colorfully named, from Yellow Tortoise Island (Hon Kim Qui), Coconut Island (Hon Dua), Pineapple Island (Hon Thom), Echo Island (Hon Vang), Cold Cloud Island (Hon May Rut), Shadow Island (Hon Dam) and Fingernail Island (Hon Mong Tay), among others. Coconut Island is the nearest island where coconut groves and mango orchards fill plots of land.
  • Snorkel Ong Doi Cape – You can charter a boat and visit this cape that has a small snorkeling sport with a few corals and fish. Some of the tours will take you here.
  • Fishing – You can fish from the An Thoi Port dock with the locals at sunset or charter a boat and go deep sea fishing or night fishing for squid.

Where To Eat & Drink

There are a lot of places to eat and drink in An Thoi Town near the market. You can eat at a proper sit down restaurant or purchase a meal from a street vendor. Do not expect to find any western food in An Thoi as seafood is the specialty here.

What To Buy

For the cooks out there, fresh seafood is relatively cheap here compared to other parts of the island. You can buy fresh oysters for 60,000VND to 80,000VND per kg. Crab is about 170,000per kg (the larger variety), and squid is about 180,000per kg. You can also buy dry fish, fresh fruit, and even unprocessed pearls.

An Thoi Town Accommodations

There are a few small hotels in the heart of An Thoi Town that are quite affordable and share the following features: have a/c, hot water, and WiFi. Below you will find a list of the four most popular ones:

Xuan Hien Hotel



  • Price:$10.00USD – $17.00USD
  • Tel: 0773844829
  • Address: 73 Nguyen Truong Street, KP1, An Thoi

Duy Khoa Hotel



  • Price:$5.00USD – $15.00USD
  • Tel: 844832
  • Address: Khu Pho 1, An Thoi

Thanh Dat Hotel



  • Price:$5.00USD – $17.00USD
  • Tel: 077844022
  • Address: Khu Pho 1, An Thoi

Thanh Cao Motel



  • Price:$12.00USD – $17.00USD
  • Tel: 0773844087
  • Address: Khu Pho 1, An Thoi

Need To Know

  • Rach Gia to An Thoi – The ferry from Rach Gia once docked at the port in An Thoi but as of 2014 all ferries from the mainland now dock at Vong Beach.
  • Boat Charters – Chartering a private boat from An Thoi Port costs 500,000 VND for 4-5hrs for up to 8 people. If you want food, add another 200,000VND.
  • Ball Sea Cucumber: There has been sort of “gold rush” happening in An Thoi Town lately, particular for a type of sea creature that has seen ramped up demand from the Chinese market – the Ball Sea Cucumber or “Banh Long”. A Ball Sea Cucumber is an animal that lies at the bottom of the ocean and resembles a grey sponge. When dried they shrivel up to the size of a tennis ball. Chinese merchants are willing to pay up to $10USD per kilogram and as such a lot of fishermen have rushed to hunt them. The hunting practices are not environmentally friendly as it involves dredging the sea floor and destroying everything in its path. You can see the daily haul and the cleaning of the ball sea cucumber around the side streets near the An Thoi port.

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