Hon Mong Tay – Fingernail Island North

Serene Hon Mong Tay or “Fingernail Island” is a small island located just off the north western coast of Phu Quoc Island. Discover this little piece if paradise today!

Hon Mong Tay – Fingernail Island (North)

hon mong tay phu quoc

On Phu Quoc there are 2 Hon Mong Tay islands (also known as Fingernail Island), one that is found off the coast of the main island of Phu Quoc and one that is part of the An Thoi archipelago. Both are beautiful in there own right.

Hon Mong Tay North

hon mong tay phu quoc

Hon Mong Tay South

fingernail island south

The northern island is quite small and surrounded by a beautiful coral reef teeming with life. The southern island has a beautiful white sand beach however the coral and snorkeling is not that great. This page will focus on the northern Hon Mong Tay Island. Information about the southern Hon Mong Tay island can be found here.


Hon Mong Tay island is located off the coast of Vung Bau Beach. To get there you can either swim across from the southern tip of the beach or kayak there. Many Northern Snorkeling tours will also take you here.

fingernail island phu quoc map

Hon Mong Tay Beach

The beach here is small but quite nice. It is a great place to sun bathe and relax. Many locals come here to have a picnic during the day and as such it can get a bit crowded around noon. The best time to visit the beach and island is during the early morning, just before the tour boats come in.

hon mong tay beach

hon mong tay beach

hon mong tay beach

hon mong tay beach

hon mng tay beach

What to do on Hon Mong Tay?

Besides swimming and exploring this small island you can also snorkel. Hon Mong Tay is surrounded by coral that is teeming with life.

snorkeling hon mong tay

Hon Mong Tay Island Tour

The following is a tour of the island:

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