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About Us is Phu Quoc's travl & tourism information portal that provides detailed information, digital tools, and resources to help guests plan the perfect trip to Vietnam's largest island.  We connect guests visiting the island with great businesses through our leading digital platform while promoting Phu Quoc as a destination. review

Key Achievements

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Original. Indepth. Semantic Content.

For over 4 years we have published over 500+ unique articles, videos, and rich media all on “Phu Quoc”. is the only comprehensive resource in existence today that has documented the entire island archipelago — land, air, and sea — and we are now referred to as the “Wikipedia on Phu Quoc“.


Digital. Dynamic. Disruptor.

Phu Quoc has weathered many changes through the years but nothing has transformed the island as broadly or as swiftly as the digital revolution has. Its impact is reinventing the entire customer life cycle—from booking resorts and discovering tourism related activities, to foodie adventures and eco-tourism experiences, and is the leader in this space by offering a unified customer experience.

DIGITAL HOSPITALITY SERVICES OFFERED offers businesses and agencies a variety of ways to connect with target customers who are planning on coming to Phu Quoc or are here on the island already.

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Services include:


  • Online advertising (web and mobile)
  • Digital story telling
  • Search engine optimization, social media marketing, search engine marketing
  • User experience design
  • Web hosting (We have our own dedicated server)
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Advisory services


  • Instant credibility & visibility.
  • Reach target customers.
  • Hands free digital marketing—spend more time on your core business and let us handle digital.
  • Increase brand equity and exposure.
  • SEO benefits.
  • Access to our partner ecosystem.
  • Trusted advise from industry experts. We want you to be successful and will advise you accordingly. knows that return on investment is not about a flashy website, guidebook or app. We see the bigger picture, prioritizing digital investments to deliver business value—acquisition, retention, conversion and profitability—while developing a flexible infrastructure and entrepreneurial culture to stay ahead of change.  We focus on outcomes, not just activities and deliver digital content fast, at scale and at the right cost.


Digital is part of people’s daily lives at home and at work. So they expect digitally-powered customer experiences when they are on Phu Quoc and is the trusted authority on Phu Quoc travel and tourism.  Good and bad experiences on the island fuel the vast social media machine and can instantly damage brand reputation.  Partnering with mitigates this risk as when you work with us you communicate to visitors that your business can be trusted as we only work with those who share our value, which is ultimate customer satisfaction.

Premier partnerships is partnering with select companies, institutions and membership organizations to provide our digital hospitality services to their executives and members.  If you are interested in working with us, please contact Ms. Huyen Pham who speaks both English and Vietnamese fluently.

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Director of Marketing,
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