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It is always difficult to find certain correct information on the internet concerning visas or others. I contacted the page in regards to a question and they answered within hours. Not only that, they also provided me with additional information that helped me avoid a lot of hassle. The web and fb are well organised and well done. thumbs up!!!!and a big thanks again!


Great work about the island, the only complete one. My best compliments. They are also very kind persons. One site like this fits all your knowledge needs bout the island without have to search elsewhere.


The best Vietnam guidance so far what I have got. Definitely 5* earned! Rapid answers to questions and excellent level of English make it easy to have conversation with this group. Truly recommend to turn to them in any guestions concerning Phu Quoc or Vietnam. All the best in the future!

Phu Quoc, VN

For media & corporate inquiries, please contact Ms. Pham (see below).  For visitor related questions, please visit Phu Quoc's Facebook community page here.

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