Phu Quoc with Kids: Complete Guide for a Phu Quoc Family Holiday

phu quoc island with kids

Looking for a destination for your next family trip? Phu Quoc is an excellent choice. We loved our family holiday in Phu Quoc Island – so much so that we just returned for the third time. From beautiful beaches to the beautiful temples around Duong Dong Town to the culture to the purpose built attractions in Phu Quoc for kids, there is plenty here to entertain the whole family.

Phu Quoc family holidays are so easy. There is a crazy amount of Phu Quoc family accommodation which can make stays very easy. The Vietnamese are very welcoming of kids, and there is plenty of western style food for fussier palates. There is also plenty of Phú Quốc information for kids – such as this guide – to help make your visit a success.

The other big plus is that Phu Quoc is incredibly good value. For a few dollars you can easily find something to eat, have a beer or a massage. The Phu Quoc family resorts are also great value. Below, you will find our complete guide to Phú Quốc family holidays from our holiday blog including everything you need to know to make your Phu Quoc family vacation a success!

When to go

Phú Quốc has two seasons – a wet and a dry. The dry season runs mid November – April and is the best time to visit weather wise. The wet season is May – October. In the wet season, there is generally just a huge downpour every day, but it can also day for days on end especially during the late summer early fall months. The first time we visited in the wet season, we generally saw rain early in the morning. The second time, it rained all day everyday. Also, there are far more bugs around in the wet season and this can be annoying.

The busiest times in Phu Quoc are during the Christmas and New Year holidays, TET holiday, and Vietnamese Victory Day. The busiest month is January, however even at busy times, there is plenty of room for everyone and there is plenty to do in Phú Quốc for families at any time of year.

weather in phu quoc

Getting to Phu Quoc

Phú Quốc is a popular destination and as such there are plenty of flights into Phu Quoc, particularly from China, Russia, Korea, and the rest of South East Asia. People coming from further afield may need to connect somewhere else in Asia, such as in Singapore or Hong Kong. If you are on a budget, there are some great budget airline choices from Singapore (TigerAirways), Hong Kong (Air Asia or Jetstar), and withing Vietnam there is VietJetAir. The departure tax is included in your ticket. There are ATMs at the airport if you are running low on Vietnamese Dongs or US dollars.

how to get to phu quoc

You can also arrive to Phu Quoc by a ferry from mainland Vietnam and or by cruise ship. The ferry departs from either Ha Tien Town or Rach Gia Town. Please click HERE for more information about the Phu Quoc Ferry.


Phú Quốc is Vietnam's only special economic zone and all international visitors who will vacation only in Phu Quoc will receive a 30 visa exemption, to learn more click HERE, If you plan on visiting the rest of Vietnam then unfortunately you will require to purchase a Vietnam Tourist Visa. You can arrange for this by clicking HERE. The visa on arrival process is very straight forward. You will hit the desks before immigration and you cannot miss them.

Phu Quoc Family Accommodation

Family accommodation in Phu Quoc is plentiful. You will have no problems finding something perfect for your needs. There are three main options you will probably look at – Phu Quoc family resorts, family hotels in Phu Quoc and family villas.

Sonasea Villas and Resort Phu Quoc Island Vietnam

Hotels tend to be the cheaper option with rooms and not much else (although resorts do sometimes call themselves hotels). Family resorts in Phu Quoc tend to have multiple pools and restaurants, kids club, gym and many other facilities and may include activities and the option of an all inclusive stay (which means that meals, drinks and other items may be included).  Family villas in Phu Quoc can be an excellent option for Phu Quoc holidays with kids. This generally means an entire house with a private yard which often includes a private pool. Some even come with staff.

For bookings, we recommend using Agoda, the trusted leaders in South East Asia when it comes to resort bookings and deals.

Best family Accommodation In Phu Quoc

The following are our pick for the best family hotels in Phu Quoc along with resorts and villas from our personal experiences, online reviews and from people we know.

Ganh Dau

Ganh Dau is famous in Phu Quoc for being the area that is targeted towards vacationing families. Here you will find amusement parks with the islands largest Ferris wheel that overlooks the ocean, Vietnam's first open air safari park, an aquarium, a water park, shopping and food courts, a professional golf course, and of course a nice beach. This area is made for families and you will be surrounded by families such as yourself.

Vinpearl Phu Quoc Resort

vinpearl resort phu quoc pool

The Vinpearl Phu Quoc Resort is one the first five star, yet affordable, family friendly resort on Phu Quoc. It is directly located on Dai Beach, one of Phu Quoc's best beaches, and there is easy access to shops, restaurants, and things to do for kids. This is a great pick of the Phu Quoc family resorts. The Vinpearl Phu Quoc Resort has everything you need in Phu Quoc Island for children.

Click here for the latest prices and more information.

Duong Dong

Duong Dong Town is the tourist capital of Phu Quoc and this is where most of the action takes part in Phu Quoc. It is also where much of the budget accommodation choices live as well as some of the biggest hotels. If you want something a little bit quieter but still close to the action, neighboring Ong Lang can be a good choice.

Richis Resort

richis beach resort phu quoc

This resort in Duong Dong is a top choice if you want something budget friendly in a prime location by the beach. It has all the facilities of top Phu Quoc accommodation for families with multiple pools, restaurants, bars, a playground, kids playroom and many other facilities. The location is fabulous as the beach (Long Beach) is right in front and there are many restaurants, massage places, shops etc nearby. There are hotel rooms and villas on offer making this a good family accommodation in Phu Quoc especially at these cheap prices.

Click here to see the latest prices or for more information.

Salinda Resort

salinda resort phu quoc pool

The Salinda Resort is one of the top Phu Quoc family hotels. This is because it has just amazing facilities for kids.  On top of the beach side pool there is an amazing restaurant serving international food that will satisfy the fussiest of taste buds. Even more exciting for little ones is the water playground and water fun zone. There is also a kids club with an outdoor playground. There are lots of room types including ones made especially for families.

Click here for the latest prices and more details.

South Long Beach

South Long Beach in Duong To commune is an increasingly popular beach area to stay just south of the Phu Quoc International Airport. It is known for being a bit fancier (and pricier) and is a great option if you are looking for the best beachfront family villas in Phu Quoc – many of these are here.   It’s a nice area. We found everything a fair bit nicer than in Duong Dong with less hassle. Food is generally more expensive but we found it better quality and better value too. We are big fans of South Long Beach.

Novotel Phu Quoc Resort

novotel phu quoc villas

This fabulous beach front Phu Quoc family accommodation offers a range of options from massive suites to pool villas. For a family, it is hard to look past the beautiful one or two bedroom pool villas. With one of these, you will have your own oasis in Phu Quoc with a private pool. The resort also has two amazing pools, including a kids pool, very cool restaurants and bars and organized kids activities.

Click here for the latest prices and more information.

The Intercontinental Phu Quoc Resort

Intercontinental Phu Quoc Resort Hotel

This is another great choice for families looking for private pool villas by the beach. The beautiful one bedroom pool villas are perfect for a small family. The villas are spacious and include extras such as Jacuzzi bath tubs. Additionally the resort has other pools, restaurants and bars. The rates include breakfast and an afternoon tea that you can eat from the comfort of your villa.

Click here for the latest prices and more information.


Getting Around Phu Quoc Island

It is easy to get around Phu Quoc, especially if you are staying in the Duong Dong/Long Beach area. If you want to venture further out then there are several main options: hire a car and driver, take a taxi or use a shuttle bus. There are also some public bus which we found useful for getting to Ganh Dau, Sao Beach, and An Thoi Town but they generally do not suit tourists needs. You can also rent a motorbike but you must have a valid international motorcycle license in order to legally ride in Vietnam.

Hiring a car and driver

This is a cheap and easy option and you should have no problems finding someone. You can hire a private car and driver or a taxi for about $30US per day. You can then plan your own itinerary and go where you want or follow their recommended itinerary.

Taxis in Phu Quoc

In the main beach areas there are no shortage of taxis. Look out for Phu Quoc Taxi taxis which are the cheapest. They should use their meter which will be better value than bargaining for a price with someone else. This is the best option for quick air condition trips.

phu quoc cheap taxi

Shuttle buses

There are shuttle buses (usually vans) that will take you between the main tourist areas. These don’t generally work out to be good value for a family and you are usually better off taking a taxi or hiring a driver and car.

Car seats

Car seats for your kids are not readily available. You will need to bring one from home if this is important to you. Most children sit on their parents laps.

Getting from the airport

From the Phu Quoc International airport you can reach your resort either by taking a taxi, jumping on a shuttle bus, or your resort will have a car and driver waiting for you. There is also a public bus that will drop you off at Duong Dong Town.

Phu quoc airport apron tarmac

Top 21 things to do in Phu Quoc with kids

If you are wondering what to do in with kids in Phu Quoc, don’t worry! You will not be short of kid friendly activities. There are a crazy amount of things to do with kids on the island and the island feels like it has been developed for the family unit. The following is a list of Phu Quoc attractions for kids along with the best kids’ activities in Phu Quoc. Phu Quoc is a relatively small place so all these attractions can be visited from the areas mentioned above in a half or full day trip.

1. Have fun at Vinpearl Land.

Vinpearlland ferris wheel phu quoc

Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc is the island's first full amusement park that has roller coasters, bumper cars, water park, swings, and a giant castle. It is like the island's own version of Disney Land.

2. Discover wild animals at the Phu Quoc Safari Park


There are many things to do here from going on a safari to cultural shows to a petting zoo and fun zone. Good for all ages.

3. Get up close to monkeys at Phu Quoc National Park

phu quoc national park

Although there is no access to the heart of the Phu Quoc National Park at the moment, you can still see monkey from the side of the main road that runs next to the park. These monkeys are not use to seeing humans so please do not feed them nor attempt to touch them.

4. Go jet skiing

If your family loves the water, this can be lots of fun even with little kids. There are lots of places to do this although at Sao Beach it is probably the easiest.

5. Have a manicure/pedicure/massage

These are readily available and cheap, your young daughters will love being pampered.

6. Cook up a storm at a Phu Quoc cooking class.

Kids generally love cooking so a cooking class can be a great thing to do in Phu Quoc with family. A cooking class is a great Phu Quoc family activity.

7. Check out the Phu Quoc Waterfall


tranh waterfall phu quoc

Tranh Waterfall


There is a great waterfall on the island that has a well built trail system. Learn more about this here.

8. Play on the beach

sao beach phu quoc island

There are many beaches in Phu Quoc and it is not hard to find one. Bai Sao is particularly recommended for a family friendly beach.

9. Take advantage of a kids club

If you are staying in a resort with a kids club – use it! Don’t feel bad. Your kids will no doubt love it and it will give you some lovely alone time.

10. Go snorkeling

snorkeling for kids on phu quoc

There are many places that are good for a family snorkeling trip in Phu Quoc, in fact Phu Quoc is the best snorkeling destination in all of Vietnam. You can either snorkel from shore or join a tour and snorkel around various islands. The An Thoi islands is particularly recommended because of its numerous snorkeling spots, calm waters, sandy bottom and coral reef.

11. Eat a seafood in Ham Ninh

There is something magical about eating next to the ocean, and Ham Ninh Village is the place. Here you will find a wide variety of seafood restaurants on offer and it is the best place to try sea the sun sets. It is just perfect for kids since they can run and play while you wait.

12. Visit a Phu Quoc pepper farm

phu quoc pepper

This can be lots of fun for kids who get to see and learn more about the famous Phu Quoc pepper, one of the best peppers in the world.

13. Play volleyball on the beach

Plenty of makeshift volleyball games start on the beach in the evening. Join a local game or start your own.

14. Visit a temple

cao dai temple phu quoc

There are temples everywhere in Phu Quoc, so it is not hard to find one. The most interesting one is the Dinh Cau Temple in Duong Dong Town which also doubles as a lighthouse.

15. Take an island hopping tour

Many options exist for this and they are not hard to find. Visit a tour agency or go to An Thoi port and commission your own boat.

16. Visit the Phu Quoc Museum

The Phu Quoc museum in Duong Dong Town is a great place to learn about the islands history, its flora fauna, and to also get oriented.

17. Go fishing


There are lots of tours where you can go fishing or in smaller towns, you may be able to connect with a local small boat to take you out cheaply and easily. Fishing from shore is also possible. You can also join a sunset squid fishing tour, which most kids enjoy.

18. Go shopping

There are a crazy amount of shops in Phu Quoc. We found giving the kids a small amount of money to pick their own souvenirs was lots of fun. For older kids, you could teach them the art of bartering.

19. Hang out in your hotel pool

luxury salinda resort on phu quoc island

This might seem like you are not taking advantage of your time in Phu Quoc but with kids it’s important to have some down time. There are some beautiful hotel pools in Phu Quoc, and here are our 10 best pools list.

20. Visit a crocodile sanctuary

phu quoc crocodie farm

Just a few kilometers north of Ham Ninh village there is a small crocodile sanctuary/farm that has a sizable collection of small and large crocodiles. Our kids loved visiting this place, and we are sure your kids will too!

21. Hiking the Ganh Dau Trail

hiking phu quoc national park

Up in Ganh Dau and just north east of Vinpearl Land there is a great trail known as the Ganh Dau Trail that goes into the heart of the Phu Quoc National Forest. It is an easy trail that will only take 30 minutes to visit and fun for the entire family.


Eating in Phu Quoc

In all the main tourist areas in Phu Quoc you will have no problem finding a variety of food including both Asian and Western types. This means that if you have fussy kids who are picky eaters then there is no need to worry. You will be able to find something for them.  There are great pizzerias, sushi, taco, hamburger, pho, ice cream shops, heck even a Burger King!  Learn more about the food found on Phu Quoc by clicking here.


Christmas in Phu Quoc

We spent a fabulous Christmas in Phu Quoc in 2015. We chose Phu Quoc because Phu Quoc is the best snorkeling destination in Vietnam and our kids love to snorkel. We were surprised how Christmas-sy everything was. We didn’t feel like we missed out at all by having Christmas in Phu Quoc. We chose to spend it in Ganh Dau as we wanted to stay at Vinpearl Resort which is close to Vinpearl Land, which had Santa and clowns to entertain the kids. We were very happy

Doctor in Phu Quoc

Unfortunately, on our latest visit we needed to visit a doctor as we hurt our ear while scuba diving. There is an international standard hospital on Phu Quoc called Vinmec Phu Quoc. The Vinmec is located in Ganh Dau. There is also a local but very good hospital in Duong Dong Town. If you need standard medicine you can purchase it without a prescription at the many pharmacies found throughout the island.

vinmec phu quoc hospital

What to pack for Phu Quoc?

A packing list for Phu Quoc is quite straight forward, primarily because Phu Quoc always has hot weather. There is no need to bring winter clothing to Phu Quoc regardless of the time of year you travel. If you are wondering what to wear in Phu Quoc then most things are fine and less is best. Casual wear is what you will see most other tourists wearing. For kids, lightweight clothes that give good coverage for sun protection are the best idea.

Phu Quoc Packing List


Mosquito protection

Depending on the season, there can be a lot of mosquitoes in Phu Quoc. We recommend taking some good quality insect repellent. If you are like us and don’t want to use DEET on young children, you can try some safer alternatives or a lot of parents have reported success using Simba Natural Mosquito Repellent Sticker on their kids. For babies, you could look into KidzStuff insect repellent clothes.

Items for babies and toddlers

Deciding what things to pack for Phu Quoc for little ones can be very tough. The following is our thoughts about particular baby and toddler stuff to consider bringing with you. If you plan on sight seeing then we particularly love traveling with the Ergobaby Carrier.


Strollers can come in handy if you are visiting the Phu Quoc Safari Park, Vinpearl Land, or walking up and down Long Beach Village as these have walk ways which are fine with a strollers. For longer outings such as this, I find a stroller so much easier than a carrier. It gets hot carrying around a baby/toddler. Plus, the young ones can usually nap more easily in a stroller.

We particularly recommend the UPPAbaby G-Lite Stroller or the UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller (if you need one that reclines) as they are super lightweight and easy to carry around at times when you don’t use them.

Travel cots/cribs

Most hotels and resorts on Phu Quoc will be able to supply baby cots. However, keep in mind that this can never be guaranteed and often do not conform to safety regulations that we might be used to. For this reason, we always traveled with our own travel cot. These are lightweight, easy to fold away cots that can fit in your luggage.  We prefer the KidCo Peapod Plus which is like a fold out tent that should last your child a long time.


You should have no problems buying regular diapers in Phu Quoc.  The islands major grocery store, Co-op Mart, carries all your favorite brands.

Formula and bottles

These are also available in Phu Quoc but we recommend that you bring your own formula from home. This way your baby has the formula they are use to and there is no stress about trying to find a new formula that your child is happy with.

Mosquito nets

At the very least, we recommend a mosquito net for your stroller so your child is safe when you are out. The best ones to buy will vary based on your stroller. There are many options here.