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We have updated our policies across all of our website and apps on Phu Quoc and proudly announce that we are in compliance with the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which affects our customers and visitors in Europe. We are also happy to announce that we are extending our protection to our global audience as well as we believe that privacy is everyone’s right.


Any visit and/or usage of our websites, apps, and social media engagements means you abide by our policies as well. As such, the following businesses/individuals have forfeited their rights and are also outside the scope GDPR as well:

  1. Buddy Co Ltd. – Creator of Visit Phu Quoc guidebooks, Phu Quoc Cham.

    Reason: Content theft, idea theft (maps), harassment, green-washing, and misleading tourists.

  2. Individuals in Phu Quoc who have violated human rights – Sex-Expats, child sex traffickers, online bullying, slut shaming, illegal abortions, etc.

    Reason: Lack of moral compass.

  3. Individuals in Vietnam and Australia who have been asked by the manager of Buddy Co Ltd. to visit/use our websites and apps. Buddy Ice Cream has a cease and desist order against it.

    Reason: content/idea theft, harassment, spying.

  4. Certain hotels who have hired web design agencies that have copied our content without consent in order to build their hotel website and webpages.

    Reason: content theft, poor user experience.

  5. Businesses in Phu Quoc who have employed individuals that have engaged in hostile acts against us – usually in response to not receiving free advertising/listings.

    Reason: Ethics.

  6. Tour agencies and individuals in Phu Quoc who falsely represent us and use our assets in order to sell tour guide services to visitors.

    Reason: Bait and Switch.

  7. Tour agencies in Malaysia, Russia, and China and other locations that have copied our content in order to sell tours to Phu Quoc to the people of their respective countries.

    Reason: Ethics, copyright.


May 25 is not only the date when our GDPR policy has been updated,  but it is also International Child Missing Day, and as such we want to highlight a particularly disturbing business in Phu Quoc: Buddy Boutique – a store trying to portray an image of luxury in Duong Dong that has been caught selling counterfeit products for the past 3 years, as reported/photographed by tourists and verified by international luxury brands.

This store is under the direction of the same owner who sells advertisements in his “Visit Phu Quoc” guidebooks and maps and has knowingly been selling fake products – no “I didn't know it was illegal” excuse is applicable, plus the owner is an old foreigner educated expat who should know better.

Selling counterfeit products is not only illegal worldwide, but it is also linked to child trafficking. Any business that supports Visit Phu Quoc, knowing full well that they engage in numerous unethical activities, are not welcome to be part of our journey to make Phu Quoc the top tourist destination in South East Asia.

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