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Phu Quoc Food & Restaurant Guide

Phu Quoc contains a medley of restaurants that offer a host of different types of international and Vietnamese cuisine. Being an island, Phu Quoc is a mecca for seafood lovers and you will be overwhelmed by the choice of fresh fish and shellfish on offer at very reasonable prices. Each morning, the local fishermen arrive in the Duong Dong Port and sell their catch to the different restaurants who take great pride in serving a veritable seafood feast to their hungry customers. If seafood isn’t your cup of tea, fear not! The island caters to all types of palettes and there is a fantastic range of international cuisine including Italian, Russian, Indian, German, French, American, Spanish, Mexican and other international dishes.

As most visitors to Phu Quoc spend less than 3 days on the island and therefore cannot possibly try all of the amazing restaurants we have here on the island, we have, therefore, curated the very best restaurants for you to enjoy and experience.

Nước Mắm: The secret ingredient in Vietnamese Food

All authentic Phu Quoc food is made with or incorporates the islands famous product – Phu Quoc Fish Sauce, arguably the best fish sauce in the world and made with only 3 ingredients, fish, salt, and water.


The following is a guide to finding what to eat here on Phu Quoc Island.  Updated for the 2018 holiday season.


Savory rice noodle soups and BBQ seafood dishes rule here on Phu Quoc Island.  Although famous dishes from around Vietnam have now made their way on the island and big branded restaurants are coming, our focus here is on real authentic Phu Quoc food experiences in order to preserve the islands identity and heritage. Here are some popular Phu Quoc Foods that  you should try while vacationing here:

Banh Canh Phu Quoc

Bánh Canh

Fish & Pork Noodle Soup

Banh Canh is a type of fish cake soup which is quite popular all over Vietnam but extremely popular with the locals here in Phu Quoc due to the freshness of the ingredients.

Where to try:

  • Phụng's
  • Hanh's

How Much?

~30,000VND or $1.50US pr bowl

Bún Quậy Phú Quốc

Bún Quậy Phú Quốc

DIY Shrimp Noodle Soup

A popular shrimp and rice noodle soup where all the ingredients are fresh – the noodles are freshly made, and the shrimp cooks in the soup. Customers also are responsible for making their own condiments.

Where to try:

  • Kiến Xây

How Much?

~30,000VND or $1.50US per bowl

pho phu quoc


Bee or Chicken Noodle Soup

Vietnam’s famous savory soup enjoyed by both locals and foreigners alike. Customers control the degree of “spiciness” by either adding chili peppers, Sri Racha sauce, and or chili paste. There is the beef soup (phở bò) or the chicken soup (phở gà) here on Phu Quoc. It is normally eaten for breakfast.

Where to try:

  • Pho Saigon

How Much?

~40,000+VND or $2.00US for a good bowl of Pho.

Canh Chua Ca Bop in Phu Quoc

Canh Chua Cá Bớp

Sweet & Sour Fish Soup

A delicious tangy sweet and sour soup that incorporates pineapples, tomatoes, okra, and cobia fish (cá bớp), a much healthier fish species farmed around the shores of Phu Quoc instead of catfish (basa). Most seafood restaurants will serve this soup.

Where to try:

How Much?

~60,000+VND or $3.00+US per bowl depending on how much fish you want/get.

banh can rieu phu quoc

Bún Riêu Cua

Crab Soup

A unique tomato based soup that incorporates salt-water crab found around Phu Quoc's shores.

Where to try:

  • Bún Riêu Đức Tấn Phu Quoc

How Much?

~30,000VND or $1.50US pr bowl

com tam phu quoc

Cơm tấm

Broken Rice Dishes

Rice, marinated meat, fried egg, small salad, and a small bowl of soup… it doesn't get any simpler than that. Com Tam is a popular dish all over Vietnam, however the Phu Quoc version uses Phu Quoc Fish Sauce.

Where to try:

  • Cơm tấm Huỳnh Nhu

How Much?

~30,000VND or $1.50US per bowl

Banh Xeo in Phu Quoc

Bánh xèo

Sizzling Cake

Pan fried shrimp pancake with Phu Quoc Fish Sauce as a dip.  If you are only visiting Phu Quoc and not other parts of Vietnam, then this is a must try!

Where to try:

  • Banh Xeo Thuy Dong

How Much?

~35,000+VND or $2.00US for a serving.

Nuoc Mia in Phu Quoc

Nước mía

Sugarcane Juice

After you have had your fill on the best local Phu Quoc food, it is time to wash it down with a fresh glass of sugar juice.  Nuoc Mia is found in all the major tourist areas, but the best, and safest, place we found was near the Dinh Cau Temple and by the Cao Dai Temple.  Remember to order it without ice if you have a sensitive stomach.

Where to try:

How Much?

~15,000+VND or $0.75US for a glass.

herring salad in Phu Quoc Island
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Gỏi Cá Mai Phu Quoc: How To Eat Raw Herring Salad, A Phu Quoc Food Specialty

Herring is a small silvery fish loaded with healthy omega-3 fatty oils and this fish is found practically everywhere in the Gulf of Thailand.  In Phu Quoc, these wild caught fish are normally eaten raw, like ceviche.  Cured in lime juice, then topped with shredded coconuts, onions, fried garlic, a few greens, and then finally wrapped in rice paper.  You can either dip these mini fish burritos in a peanut based dipping sauce or eat it as is.

Unique to Phu Quoc and definitely a must try for die-hard foody's!


night market ice cream rolls

Kem cuộn

Ice Cream Rolls

Unique and flavorful ice cream rolls are a must try for those who have a sweet tooth.  Phu Quoc ice cream rolls are one of the most popular street food treats on the island.

How Much?

~30,000VND ($1.50US) for a cup.

keo chi phu quoc

Kẹo Chỉ Phú Quốc

Sticky Coconut Candy

Fresh shredded coconut with peanuts and condensed milk are the main ingredients behind this national street food treasure.

How Much?

~20,000VND ($1.50US) for 1.

grilled oysters

Quán Ra Khơi

Seafood Restaurant

Quan Ra Koi is a popular seafood restaurant located within the night market.  It is also a great place to people watch.  Expect a premium on all food offered here.

Craft Beer in Phu Quoc

Craft Beer

Locally brewed

Wash down your Phu Quoc Night Market meal with an island brewed beer.

How Much?

~10,000VND -40,000VND depending on size, draft, or bottle.

Phu Quoc Island Ice Cream Rolls
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Phu Quoc ice cream rolls are not a Vietnamese creation, but rather a Thailand import. Vendors began selling them in the night market as of 2016 and they have been a huge hit with local and foreign tourists alike.  Watch how they are made!


phu quoc floating restaurants


Enjoy a meal on a floating restaurant, seafood barge, or an on-the-sea rustic eatery.  All new and made for tourism but a unique experience nonetheless.

Where in Phu Quoc:

Hon May Rut


A small family owns and operates a fresh seafood restaurant on their very own island.  If you are touring the southern An Thoi Archipelago, Hon May Rut island is a must visit island – if not for the beaches, then definitely for the home-style seafood BBQ.

Where in Phu Quoc:

  • Family restaurant on Hon May Rut Island

Discover the Phu Quoc Floating Markets via Video:

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Food Costs In Phu Quoc

The food prices in Phu Quoc are much lower than your home country but a bit more expensive than other places found in mainland Vietnam as Phu Quoc is an island district and most items need to imported.  Here are some sample costs:

  • Vietnamese Beer: 10,000VND to 25,000VND depending on size.
  • Imported Beer: Tiger/Heineken starts at around 20,000VND, German, Japanese beer starts at 25,000VND.
  • BBQ snails (1 plate): 25,000VND.
  • Garlic Rice” 12,000 – 15,000VND
  • Seafood hotpot: 150,000VND
  • Street food: 15,000VND – 30,000VND
  • Grilled or steamed squid: 60.000VND
  • Sautéed noodles with vegetables 30.000VND
  • Barbecued Fish: 150,000VND
  • Coconut: 15,000VND (street) – 30,000VND (beach)
phu quoc street food

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