PHU QUOC's Regions

Phu Quoc is much bigger and more complicated than most people imagine and the name “Phu Quoc” represents a 28 island district spanning over 594 square kilometers.  At 574 square kilometers, “Phu Quoc Island” is the largest island in the district and the center of all tourism related activities.

Exploring Phú Quốc

The terrain and vegetation changes dramatically as you wander from commune to commune.  So does the pace and ambiance of each area.  Coastal resorts and villas ooze luxury, while the small towns and fishing villages scattered throughout the district mark the islands history and culture.  The remote north east coast, with its lush jungles and mountains is where you will find the core Phu Quoc National Park, a protected UNESCO site. The north west is where you will find large family friendly mega resorts dominated by the Vinpearl brand.  The central region is home to a fantastic country side dotted with pepper plantations and jungle retreats.  And along the south is where you will find over a dozen idyllic islands blessed with white sand beaches and surrounded by coral reefs.  

Fast Facts

  • Province: Kiên Giang
  • Population: ~112,000 (2018)
  • Area: 594 square kilometers
  • Largest Island: Phu Quoc Island, 574 square kilometers.
  • Capital: Duong Dong
  • Highest Point: 603 meters, Mount Chua
  • Time Zone: UTC+7, Indochina Time
  • Language: Mainly Vietnamese and some Cambodian. Lots of local dialects. Within tourist areas: English, French, Russian
  • Local Government: People's Committee of Kien Giang
  • Currency: Vietnamese Dong. $1 U.S. = 20,000VND.
  • Electricity: 220 volts
  • Area code: +84
  • Visa: 30 day visa exemption for all nationalities
phu quoc administration

Phu Quoc Towns

Phu Quoc District currently consists of 2 major towns: Duong DongAn Thoi. In the future, a 3rd major town will be located in Cua Can.

Dương Đông

Being the island districts main town, Duong Dong is a busy and culturally diverse economic center. It is famous for its mighty river that bears the same name, numerous temples, fish sauce factories that hug the Duong Dong river, and of course the plentiful accommodation options available at all price points. 

Duong Dong Commune


  • Discover the Cao Dai Temple  and the mystical Cao Daism religion with its numerous gods.
  • No visit to Phu Quoc is complete with visit the Chợ đêm Phú Quốc , which is the Phu Quoc Night Market attraction. This is the fmous Vietnam night market that sells everything from fresh seafood to pearl jewelry.
  • Historic Dinh Cau Temple & Lighthouse , which are part of Mui Dinh Cau, represent two of Phu Quoc's oldest landmarks.
  • Visit Phu Quoc Pepper Farms  located in the north east section of Duong Dong Town.
  • Tour a Phu Qoc Fish Sauce Factory. Phu Quoc produces the worlds finest fish sauce and the factories are opened to the public.

An Thới

An Thoi is located at the southern tip of Phu Quoc Island and it is Phu Quoc districts second largest township.  This region is blessed with beautiful beaches, a thriving city center, an international ferry port, and a few exclusive luxury resort and residential complexes.

An Thoi Map


  • Visit An Thoi Port, the busiest port on the island and the gateway to the An Thoi Archipelago.  The cost to enter the port is 5,000VND.
  • Near the south western tip of An Thoi Town there is a very beautiful Buddhist temple called Sung Duc Pagoda that is definitely worth visiting.
  • Learn about the regions war torn past at the Phu Quoc Prison Landmark.
  • Sao Beach & Khem Beach are two of the islands most beautiful white sand beaches, both of which are found in An Thoi.
  • The Mui Ong Doi cape is a both a historic site as well as an ecotourism destination. It is home to a unique shrine and a beautiful white sand beach called Bai Ong Doi.

Phu Quoc Communes

The district is further divided into the following 8 communes:

  1. Dương Tố
  2. Cửa Dương
  3. Cửa Cạn
  4. Gành Dầu
  5. Bãi Thơm
  6. Hàm Ninh
  7. Hòn Thơm
  8. Thổ Chu

Dương Tố

Dương Tố commune is the hub of all tourism activity in Phu Quoc.   Here you will find the Phu Quoc airport, lavish hotels, majestic temples, and more.

duong to commune phu quoc map


  • Watching the sunset on Truong Beach, Phu Quoc's most popular beach.
  • Bar hopping in Long Beach Village, Phu Quoc's backpackers ward.
  • Visit the majestic Ho Quoc Pagoda, a big Buddhist temple that is built on the side of a mountain with spectacular sea views.
  • Taking a dip at the base of the Suối Tranh, Phu Quoc's largest ecotourism park with a large waterfall.
  • Have almost the entire stretch of Dam Beach all to yourself, which is located right in front of the famous Ho Quoc Pagoda. 
  • Explore colorful Buddha status at the Su Muong Pagoda.
  • Watch planes fly in and out of the Phu Quoc International Airport, which has been constructed right in the middle of a low lying jungle.
  • Partying at one of the regions many rooftop bars or at the annual Epizode Music Fest.

Cửa Dương

Cửa Dương is the heart of Phu Quoc… literally. This area represents the interior of the island.  Clean mountain water awaits you in the few rivers, waterfalls, lakes, and swimming holes found throughout this commune.  

cua duong


  • The heart of the Phu Quoc National Park (Vườn quốc Gia Phú Quốc) and the islands highest mountain lies on the north eastern side of the Cửa Dương commune.
  • Stay at the upscale beach resort of Bai Ong Lang.
  • Hike and explore the areas numerous streams and waterfalls found in the commune.
  • Take some selfies at the Duong Dong Lake, a large fresh water lake and dam located on Phu Quoc Island. This lake provides fresh water (16.500 m3/day) to the island and also generates hydro electric power. The lake and dam are located near the Da Ban Stream in the center of the island.

Cửa Cạn

If you are looking for solitude, long stretches of clean beach, and ecotourism activities like kayaking and beach snorkeling, then the north western commune and township of Cửa Cạn area is perfect for you.

map of cua can phu quoc


Gành Dầu

Gành Dầu commune is located in the north-western region of Phu Quoc Island.  It is mainly a family-friendly resort complex area dominated with some large attractions.  Natural attractions include a few beaches and hiking trails.

xa ganh dau


  • Visit the islands safari and amusement park.
  • Enjoy the simple life at Ganh Dau Fishing Village.
  • Discover the floating seafood restaurants at Rach Vem Village.
  • Visit the temple devoted to local hero Nguyen Trung Truc Pagoda.
  •  You can visit nearby Bang Island which is a great spot for snorkeling. 

Bãi Thơm

Bai Thom Commune is located up in Phu Quoc’s northeastern corner and is known for its mountainous landscapes and lush forests. 

Map of Bai Thom Commune


  • Explore wild Bai Thom Beach.
  • Explore Hon Mot Island, a tiny island connected to the mainland via a man made wooden bridge.
  • Discover the splendor of wild Rach Tram Beach, a remote beach that has white sand.
  • Drift down the Rach Tram River and discover unique mangrove forests.

Hàm Ninh

The long and slender Hàm Ninh commune located on Phu Quoc Island's central-eastern coastline is most famous for its ferry ports, pier, and crab seafood dishes.

map of Ham Ninh commune

Hòn Thơm

Hon Thom is Phu Quoc's archipelago commune located south of Phu Quoc Island. The commune consists of 15 different islands, most of which remain uninhabited.  Although the region is not marine protected, the area is popular for water sports due to its calm seas and coral reefs.  The main island, and the communes namesake – Hon Thom – is home to a sizable community and resort complex.

Hon Thom Commune


Thổ Chu

Tho Chu is another archipelago commune consisting of 8 islands located almost 100 km south west of the larger Phu Quoc Island and 220 km west of Rach Gia.  The commune is inhabited by those who serve in the military and fishermen.  It is currently off-limits to foreigners as it is under military control however the restrictions will be lifted shortly.

tho chua island


  • Island hop your way around the commune until you discover your perfect beach.
  • Deep sea fishing adventures, something extremely popular with sports fishermen.
  • Snorkeling at the numerous reefs.
  • Visiting the Tho Chu lighthouse which is in use today.

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