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Phu Quoc Island is one of Vietnam's most exciting entertainment destinations and destined to become one of Asia's best. The island has already hosted a 2 week long international music festival featuring the best DJ's from all around the world, a Miss Vietnam pageant, and even American Idol's Kelly Clarkson threw a concert here! The nightlife options on Phu Quoc are plentiful and primarily cater to more of a upmarket mature crowd, similar to Singapore, Bali, Phuket, and Bangkok. Discover some of the island's most happening nightclubs, bars, pubs, casino shows and even karaoke joints on the island by reading our comprehensive nightlife and bar guide found below. Our island navigators worked tirelessly to create this information for you so that you can save time, plan accordingly, and experience the best of what Phu Quoc has to offer.

nightlife clubs and bars on phu quoc

Introduction to Phu Quoc's Nightlife & Bar Scene:

Phu Quoc has not developed a reputation as a partying hot spot with the international crowd of revelers nor does it plan to do so, so if you are looking for a wild nightlife scene, this island is definitely not it. Phu Quoc is more of a upmarket tropical island holiday destination that caters mainly to tech savvy millennials, couples, and families - there is no "walking street" on Phu Quoc, like you will find in places like Pattaya or Bangkok, but rather more well designed lounges, beach bars, and cafes similar to Seminyak Bali. That's not to say that there aren't any hole in the wall places or comfort bars, it's just less apparent here.

From sunset on-wards Phu Quoc is buzzing and does not stop until the wee hours at some places. There are sports bars showing all the big international sporting events, nightclubs that have amazing DJ’s and go-go dancers, hipster bars, rooftop/sky bars, and upscale lounges in which you can unwind with a few quiet drinks. The main island of Phu Quoc even has a few local breweries producing some surprisingly delicious craft beers. Here at, we have put together a comprehensive list of all the happening places around the island where you can drink, dance, socialize, or simply watch the famous Phu Quoc sunset. It's important to note that most of these bars and clubs are best experienced during the dry peak season as things become quiet on the island once the monsoon comes roaring in.

Things to know:

  • Phu Quoc's nightlife & entertainment options can mostly be found off Tran Hung Dao Street in the Long Beach area, Phu Quoc's most popular tourist district. There are also nightlife options at the Phu Quoc Casino Resort Complex up in the Ganh Dau Village area, as well as in Duong Bao commune in the south, where most of the luxury beach resorts are located, but most of it is centered around the islands economic capital, Duong Dong.
  • The legal drinking age in Vietnam is 18 but it is not really enforced on Phu Quoc Island. Also, unlike most western nations, you can drink a alcoholic beverage anywhere you want. Buying alcohol is as easy as buying water and local beer and liquors can be purchased at almost any store that sells food/snacks/drinks.
  • All beaches that are on Phu Quoc Island are public.
  • Most bars have shisha/hookah.
  • Single ladies visiting backpacker bars should be aware of their drinks at all times and should purchase drinks directly from the bar/server.
  • At lower tier bars, branded liquor bottles (e.g. Grey Goose, Smirnoff, etc) are used for marketing/sales purposes. The alcohol that is contained inside them may or may not be real. There are a lot of fake items for sale on Phu Quoc e.g. pearls, alcohol, fish sauce clothes, hand bags, etc. Buyer beware!
  • Along Tran Hung Dao Street, the main tourist street, there are many legitimate liquor stores that sell imported wines and spirits, in case you want to buy your own.
  • Do not drink alcohol and ride a motorbike, it is against the law.


PhuQuocIslandGuide is your signal within the noise. There are 100+ bars on Phu Quoc but we list only the best.

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Best Phu Quoc Nightclubs & Bars

Here is a quick overview of some of the best bars and nightlife options on Phu Quoc. Complete details can be found further below and are subject to change at any moment.

To watch the sunset:

  • Anywhere along Long Beach
  • Dinh Cau Beach
  • Cafe Pho Bien
  • The Malabar

Mix & mingle:

  • Saigon Hub
  • Sunset Bar
  • Phu Quoc Night Market
  • Langchia Bar

Romantic spots:

  • Son Tra 1973
  • Department of Chemistry
  • On The Rocks
  • La Veranda

Bars vs Pubs vs Lounges

The distinction between a "bar", "lounge", "pub", "beach bar", and "nightclub" is extremely blurred on the island as most businesses on Phu Quoc want to attract everyone and call themselves everything. The following is how we define each category, which is aligned with most foreign nations.

  • Bar: Primarily a drinking establishment set in a social environment where you can mingle with other patrons. A "Bar" (as defined by us) may or may not serve food as well.
  • Backpacker Bar: A subset of a "Bar"on Phu Quoc which caters to a younger crowd, sells cheap drinks, has no dress code, and may or may not have group activities for its patrons i.e. pub crawl, bar crawl, speed dating, bar games, wet t-shirt contents, flip cups, helium gas inhalation, booze cruise, 420 friendly, etc.
  • Beach Bar: An upmarket bar or a lounge that is directly on the beach or literally next to one at the ground level.
  • Sky Bar: An upmarket bar or a lounge that is not located at street level and one where patrons can observe the setting sun.
  • Beer Garden: A bar that serves locally brewed craft beer or is a microbrewery serving its own beer on site.
  • Pub: A bar that affects an English, Scottish or Irish motif.
  • Lounge: An upmarket place with nice decor that also serves food.
  • Nightclub: A upmarket disco or club that has a designated dancing area and DJ. is Phu Quoc’s trusted resource and the authority on all things "Phu Quoc". Our goal is to ensure that everyone who visits Vietnam’s paradise island has an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Visitors to Phu Quoc: We've hand picked the venues listed on this page and they represent the very best of what Phu Quoc has to offer. There are hundreds of nightlife options currently available on Phu Quoc, and we know your time on the island is limited, so sit back relax and read the guide below and plan your night out on the island accordingly, we've got you covered!

Phu Quoc Bar Owners: All bars, lounges and nightclub venues listed below are subject to change/removal/re-ordering at anytime. Businesses that provide the best customer experience and/or those that are our partners will always have priority over others. As such, is always on the lookout for business owners who put holidaymakers first. If you want to partner with us and be listed on this page and/or nightlife map, please contact us.

beach bars on phu quoc


Bars located right on Phu Quoc's Beaches

There are many "beach bars" on Phu Quoc as every beach front resort or restaurant on the island has its own "bar", however not all have "atmosphere" or are worth mentioning. The following consists of the best beach bars found on Phu Quoc that have delicious drinks, good music, a great view and ambiance.

La Veranda Beach Bar

Location: Long Beach Village, Ba Keo, Duong To 
Hours of Operation: 1:00 PM to 12:00 AM
Type: Luxury bar - no plastic chairs here.
Food Available: Yes
Claim to fame: Location, brand, beach deck,.
Affiliated with a hotel/resort?: La Verandala veranda beach bar phu quoc

Review: Designed in colonial style architecture, La Veranda is one of the oldest luxury resorts on Phu Quoc that is located right in the heart of Long Beach. Their beach bar is a great place to watch the famous Long Beach sunset in a upscale and mature environment. The bar is well stocked with premium liquor and a wide selection of beers. It's a great "date" place and perfect for couples looking for something traditional, romantic, and opulent.

Department of Chemistry Bar

Location: Bãi Kem, An Thới Town
Hours of Operation: 3.00 PM – 1.30 AM
Type: Luxury resort bar. A place to have casual drink right on the beach.
Food Available: Yes
Claim to fame: 5 star luxury resort, university theme.
Affiliated with a hotel/resort?: Yes, J.W. Marriott Phu Quoc Resort
department of chemistry bar J.W. Marriott Phu Quoc Resort

Review: The J.W. Marriott Phu Quoc Resort (JWMPQ) is located right on the white sands of Bai Kem Beach. The JWMPQ is one of the islands most luxurious resorts and it has adopted a "university" theme, i.e. the resort is designed to reflect a French university that was once located here - Lamarck University. The associated bar that is mentioned in this guide is part of the "Department of Chemistry" which serves a variety of drinks either indoors or beach side. The resort is opened to the public and we recommend the trip out here to experience one the islands best resorts.

The Malabar

Location: Bai Truong, Dương Tơ
Hours of Operation: 9:00 AM to Late
Type: Upscale family friendly beach bar
Food Available: Yes
Claim to fame: Beach location, Belgian ales, local beer on draught
Affiliated with a hotel/resort?: Yes, Cassia Cottages Resort

the malabar phu quoc

Review: A low-key beach bar named after the Malabar district in India, Cassia's The Malabar beach-side watering hole adds a much needed serene beach bar establishment on Long Beach. With a wide selection of rish whiskey, red & white wine, locally brewed and imported beers, the Malabar is perfect for anyone who just wants to relax next to a beach, drink in hand, and do nothing but gaze out at the sea. Shisha for hipsters, board games for kids, and dark Belgian ales for adults, The Malabar is a good all around upscale oceanfront bar.

Golden Sand Bar

Location: South Long Beach (Nhiet Doi), Ðuong Bào Hamlet, Duong To - just south of the airport.
Hours of Operation: 9:00 AM to Late
Type: All day beach bar, water sports rentals, family friendly
Food Available: Yes
Claim to fame: Bar swings for Instagram selfies, big powerful jet skis, and even water jet packs.
Affiliated with a hotel/resort?: No, but the Novotel Resort, Sol Beach House, Intercontinental are nearby.

golden sand bar phu quoc

Review: Brand new to the Phu Quoc beach bar scene lies Golden Sand Bar, a beach bar located near the luxury beach resorts found along the South-West coast of Phu Quoc. Golden Sand Bar has plenty of premium drinks, an amazing wooden beach deck, plenty of beach loungers, and quite possibly the best jet ski's on the island - it's like a beach resort bar without the resort. Golden Sand Bar is an all day bar so come here anytime. It's not as busy as of yet, but it is bound to pick up once the area develops.

Eden Beach Bar

Location: Eden Resort, Long Beach, Cua Lap Hamlet, Duong To Ward
Hours of Operation: 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Type: Beach bar, water-sport rentals, family friendly
Food Available: Yes
Claim to Fame: One of the oldest proper tiki hut style beach bars on Phu Quoc.
Affiliated with a hotel/resort?: Yes, Eden Resort

eden resort beach bar phu quoc
Review: This beach bar and accompanying resort is located near the Phu Quoc International Airport and right on Long Beach. Designed to look like a tiki hut, the open-air square shack of a bar is well stocked with your favorite elixirs. It's a great spot to hangout during the day, rent a jet ski, and enjoy the beach life with your family. There are also tables set up on the beach itself, in case you want more privacy.

lounges on phu quoc island


Upscale places on Phu Quoc

The following are some of the best Phu Quoc lounges that you should consider visiting while vacationing on Phu Quoc Island. The venues listed below share one common trait: upscale ambiance.

An Duong Bar & Lounge

Location: Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong
Hours of Operation: 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Type: Mid-market lounge, bar, seafood restaurant
Food Available: Yes
Claim to Fame: Ocean view
Affiliated with a hotel/resort?:
No, but walking distance from the Saigon Phu Quoc Resort & Spa
ocean front bar in phu quoc
Review: This is the very first oceanfront lounge we ate at when we arrived here almost 5 years ago. This place is literally situated right above the water. The seafood here is quite pricey but the drinks are reasonable. During some evenings they also have a DJ.

Quốc Quỳnh Lounge & Karaoke

Location: 49 Ngô Quyền - Khu phố 5 - Thị Trấn Dương Đông 
Hours of Operation: 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Type: Mid-market lounge, bar, karaoke
Food Available: Yes
Claim to Fame: Amenities
Affiliated with a hotel/resort?:

Quốc Quỳnh Lounge & Karaoke in Phu Quoc

Xin Chao

Location: Trần Hưng Đạo, at the end of Long Beach, Duong To
Hours of Operation: 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Type: Multi-story oceanfront lounge
Food Available: Yes, seafood is their specialty
Claim to Fame: Location, signature cocktails, ambiance, and seafood
Affiliated with a hotel/resort?: No, but the Blue Lagoon Resort is near by.
xin chao lounge on phu quoc

Review: Xin Chao (Nhà Hàng Hải Sản Xin Chào) is one of the more premiere resto-lounges found on Phu Quoc. Centrally located, this well designed multi-story oceanfront restaurant located at the Northern end of Tran Hung Dao Street has one key asset, the unobstructed view of the sunset. They are usually packed on most nights so get here early.

Le Bar

Location: Long Beach Village, Duong  To -  at the La Veranda Resort terrace
Hours of Operation: 9:00 AM to Late
Type: Upscale lounge
Food Available: Yes
Claim to fame: Classy ambiance
Affiliated with a hotel/resort?: Yes, the La Veranda Resort

phu quoc lounges

Review: A classy upmarket place to enjoy a few drinks next to their fabulous balcony.

best phu quoc hotels

sky bars on phu quoc island


Rooftop bars and lounges.

Intercontinental Phu Quoc Sky Bar

Location: South Long Beach (Bãi Trường), Ðuong Bào
Hours of Operation: N/A
Type: Luxury
Food Available: Yes
Claim to fame: Height & location.
Affiliated with a hotel/resort?: Yes, the 5 star Intercontinental Phu Quoc Sky Bar

Review: Although the Intercontinental Phu Quoc resort has yet to open, we were compelled to list this spot as it will be the best spot to watch the sunset on Phu Quoc, hands down.

Skye Rooftop Bar

Location: 99 Tran Hung Dao, Duong To
Hours of Operation: N/A
Type: Regular
Food Available: Yes
Claim to fame: N/A
Affiliated with a hotel/resort?: N/A

Escape Skybar

Location: 1 Vo Thi Sao, Mui Dinh Cau, Duong Dong Town
Hours of Operation: N/A
Type: Luxury
Food Available: Yes
Claim to fame: Location location location
Affiliated with a hotel/resort?: Yes, Seashells Resort & Spa

Review: N/A

Hilltop Sky Bar

Location: Tran Hung Dao, KP7, Duong To
Hours of Operation: 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Type: Family friendly bar attached to a hostel
Food Available: N/A
Claim to fame: N/A
Affiliated with a hotel/resort?: Yes, the 88 Hilltop
88 hilltop skybar on phu quoc

Review: Nice chairs with a great calm view.

Sunset Rooftop Bar

Location: Tran Hung Dao, Duong To @ Hong Bungalow
Hours of Operation: 2:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Type: Bar
Food Available: Yes
Claim to fame: N/A
Affiliated with a hotel/resort?: Yes, the Hong Bin Resort
sunset rooftop bar at hong bin bungalow

Review: The Sunset Rooftop Bar is a very modern rooftop lounge located in the alleyways of Duong Dong Town just off the main road of Tran Hung Dao and perched on a hill. They have a nice little rooftop lounge that serves Vietnamese food as well as drinks.

Huong Bien Sky Lounge

Location: Võ Thị Sáu, Khu 1, Dương Đông, tp. Phú Quốc
Hours of Operation: 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Type: Business casual, mature
Food Available: Yes
Claim to fame: Next to the old Dinh Cau Night Market & location
Affiliated with a hotel/resort?:
Yes, the Huong Bien Hotel
huong bien hotel restaurant phu quoc

Review: Located on the 5th floor of the Huong Bien Hotel and right on Dinh Cau Beach, a small beach located next to Dinh Cau Temple, lies this truly hidden Phu Quoc gem. We were blown away that a nice upscale place like this existed on Phu Quoc and it is literally next to the ocean. There is no social atmosphere here, it is a quiet place mainly for couples and business professionals.

nightclubs and disco's on phu quoc


Best nightclubs & disco's on Phu Quoc

Currently there is only one real nightclub on Phu Quoc, complete with DJ's, disco lights, go go dancers, and a great atmosphere. More nightclubs on Phu Quoc will launch as we come closer to the 2020 Phu Quoc vision.

BoBa Club

Location: Tran Hung Dao, Long Beach
Hours of Operation: 4:00 PM to Late
Type: Nightclub
Food Available: Yes
Claim to Fame: Only real nightclub on Phu Quoc
Affiliated with a hotel/resort?: No

boba beer club phu quoc
Review: A large dance club, beer garden, and restaurant with live DJ's and go-go dancers. Boba Club (also called Boba Beer Club) caters mainly to Vietnamese but locals are also welcome.

craft beer bars and microbreweries on phu quoc


Beer gardens & microbreweries

Beer Garden

Location: 98B Tran Hung Dao, Long Beach
Hours of Operation: 4:00pm to 12:00am
Type: Beer Garden
Food Available: Yes
Claim to Fame: Serving Kinh Beer, a locally brewed beer
Affiliated with a hotel/resort?: No

kinh beer phu quoc
Review: This simple open air bar serves relatively cheap seafood, but stick with beers on tap, which are brewed on the island. The brand of the beer that is available here is called "Kinh Beer" and two types of suds are available: a blonde and a dark. We preferred the blonde ($0.50US per glass), as it was lighter and satisfying but others from our team enjoyed the dark ($0.75US per glass).

Bia Tuoi Tiep Phu Gia Restaurant

Location: 68 Tran Hung Dao, Long Beach, Duong Dong
Hours of Operation: 1:00PM to 11:00PM
Type: Microbrewery
Food Available: Yes
Claim to Fame: Beer made on site
Affiliated with a hotel/resort?: No

Czech Microbrewer phu quoc beer
Review: If you are looking for a place that serves high quality fresh brewed beer using Czech brewing technology, then check out this place. Not only do they have fresh beer (bia) but amazing salmon sashimi! Mixed crowd, nice friendly staff and owner.

Phu Quoc Draft Beer

Location: All over Phu Quoc; HQ: 380 Nguyen Van Cu, An Thoi Town, near the An Thoi Market
Hours of Operation: 2:00PM to 10:00PM
Type: Local beer/various bars
Food Available: Yes
Claim to Fame: Cheap fresh beer
Affiliated with a hotel/resort?: No

phu quoc draft beer
Review: An affordable locally produced beer available at a few places all around Phu Quoc Island. The beer is unique, relatively cheap at $0.50US per glass, and truly is a new Phu Quoc foody experience. Find yourself a simple street side bar, sit down, and order a Phu Quoc Draft Beer ("Bia") and some snacks. Blonde and dark beers are available in both draught and in bottle.

Long Beach Bar

Location: Long Beach, just south of the Long Beach Center
Hours of Operation: 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Type: Upmarket resort bar
Food Available: Yes
Claim to Fame: First microbrewery on Phu Quoc
Best Hotels/Resorts Nearby: Yes, Long Beach Resortmicrobrewery in phu quoc island
Review: The Long Beach Resort brews its' own beer also using using Czech technology. The bar is located beach side and its a great place to watch the sunset while sipping on premium island made beer.

bars and pubs on phu quoc island


The best bars and pubs on the island.

Phu Quoc District, which consists of 28 islands, has literally hundreds of bars. Anyone can literally start a "pop up style" bar, all you need are a couple of beers for sale some plastic chairs, bluetooth wireless speakers and your smartphone with the Spotify App. 90% of the bars on Phu Quoc are concentrated in Phu Quoc Island, the districts largest island. The following are some of the best bars and drinking experiences that are popular with tourists:

Quintessential "Local" Experience

Location: Dinh Cau Beach & Temple Area
Review: You do not need to spend a lot of money to enjoy Phu Quoc, nor do you need to go to a designated bar to watch an amazing sunset. Some of the best island experiences are out in the open. To kick off the Best Phu Quoc Bars section we will begin by highlighting a public place located at the base of the Dinh Cau Temple. During the sunset hours this area becomes alive! Plastic chairs and tables are set up, street vendors roll in, and both locals and curious tourists come by. Find yourself an empty table, sit down and order either a Vietnamese brand beer (333, Saigon Red or Saigon Green) which will cost less than $1.00USD, fresh pressed sugar cane juice (called Nuoc Mia) with no ice, or a bubble tea. For a snack, try boiled fertilized duck eggs with chili lime and salt if you dare, but other snacks are available e.g Vietnamese pizza (Bánh Tráng Nướng), veggie sandwiches, meat sticks, and a variety of sweets. You owe it to yourself, as well as this island and its original inhabitants, to spend some time here as it is widely considered one of the most auspicious spots on the island.dinh cau temple and lighthouse phu quoc

Cafe Pho Bien

Location: Next to Dinh Cau Temple, Tầng 1, Võ Thị Sáu, Dương Đông
Review: An iconic - Phú Quốc original - cafe with cheap drinks and food and one that should not be missed. Cafe Phố Biển has a "million dollar view" of the ocean with a temple backdrop and patrons can sit inside or out.

duong dong sunset

Saigon Hub

Location: Phu Quoc Night Market at Bach Dang Street by the Duong Dong River.
Review: This venue is a great place for beer, cocktails, socializing, and people watching. A wide selection of bottled beers are available but only Tiger is available on tap. A 3L tower of Tiger draught beer costs 275,000VND and its perfect for sharing. They also have arcade games!


Unique Hookah Bar

Location: 118/5 Trần Hưng Đạo, Long Beach Village
Review: A shisha/hookah bar and and fusion restaurant located at the entrance to Long Beach Village which mainly caters to westerners. They have a lounge inside as well. Unique Hookah Bar is a great place to just chill out.

unique lounge bar phu quoc

Vuvuzela Phu Quoc

Location: TBD, Long Beach Area
Review: A beer club with multiple venues located throughout Vietnam makes its debut on Phu Quoc island later this year. This fun, clean, cool modern bar has a diverse selection of imported beers from the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and Belgium, as well as a full range of American beers. Vuvuzela Phu Quoc comprehensive beer menu is complimented with a food menu featuring local and international dishes.

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