Mũi Ông Đội

Cape Ong Doi

Mui Ong Doi is a unique place located at the tip of Phu Quoc. It is the only area on the island where you can watch both the sunset and the sunrise.

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Mũi Ông Đội

Region: An Thoi | Vietnamese name: Mũi Ông Đội | Directory | Rating: 4/5


Ong Doi Cape


Gieng Ngu Well

Kings Well In Phu Quoc

The Kings Wells (also known as “Fairy Well” and “Giang Tien” or “ Gieng Ngu”) is a historical site located in An Thoi Town close to Khem Beach.  The legend of the magic well is that when Prince Nguyen Anh (later known as Emperor Gia Long) and his troops were hiding on Phu Quoc Island from the Tay Son rebels they were very thirsty and in need of drinking water.  He then stomped his foot down, pointed his sword to the ground, and the water magically erupted.   This is also referred to as the "Magic Well" and apparently you can see the Prince's shoe imprinted on the stone here.


The Kings Well is located near Khem Beach but it is only accessible by boat.  It only takes 20 minutes to get there.

kings well location

You can join a tour group or commission your own boat from either Starfish Beach, Khem Beach, or An Thoi port.  The boat will drop you off at a nice white sand beach where you can now walk to visit the various historical areas of this site.  The cost of the boat from Khem Beach to the Tien Well is 300,000VND to 400,000VND but you can divide this cost amongst 6-8 people.

kings well

gieng tien well

kings well pagoda

What to see

  • Footprint of Kien Giang (Lord Nguyen): You can see the emperor's footprint embedded in stone here.

lord nguyen's footprint

  • Natural spring well: The freshwater here is often collected for drinking.

kings well

  • King Gia Longs Sword Mark - The spot where Gia Long thrust down his sword in the rock and out came the spring water.

kings well gia long sword

  • White sand beach: The Gieng Ngu Beach located here has a nice white powdery sand and the sea is crystal clear

gieng ngu beach

  •  Lord Nguyen's Throne: A rock shaped like a chair that the local people called a throne.

Lord Nguyens throne

What to do

  • Snorkel - There are a lot of scattered hard coral in the area with abundant sea life.  If you are not too keen on learning about Emperor Gia Longs legend, then just come to the Kings Well to discover the underwater life.

gieng ngu beach phu quoc

Ngu Beach



How to get there



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