Vung Bau Beach

Bãi Vũng Bầu

Vung Bau Beach is a beautiful yellow sand crescent shaped wild beach located in the north western part of the island. Learn more about this beach today!

Map of Vung Bau Beach, Phu Quoc

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Location: Cửa Cạn| Vietnamese name: Bãi Biển Vũng Bầu | Directory | Rating: 4/5

Vung Bau Beach lies in-between Bai Dai Beach in the north and Cua Can Beach in the south. The beach is remote enough to feel like you have the area all to yourself yet it is close enough to a few resorts in case you feel like staying overnight or grabbing a bite to eat.  From the beach you can see the idyllic Hon Mong Tay also known as Fingernail Island, a great place to swim, snorkel, and fish.

The sand is powdery and dark yellow in color and the beach is relatively clean without too much ocean or human debris scattered about. 

The foliage around the beach is also interesting, with a mix of tall grass, various coastal flowers, and a combination of poplar and coconut palm trees.  The shoreline is approximately 4.5 km in length.

The sea here is calm during the dry season and quite rough during the wet season and the color of the water is a combination of various shades of blue.  The slope into the sea is quite low making it safe for kids and non-swimmers alike to enter and exit the ocean without fear.   On the ocean floor you may encounter starfish, conch, and maybe a few sea urchins so please be careful where you place your feet.


Why we love Vung Bau


Gorgeous golden sand beach which you can have to yourself.

Vung Bau Beach Phu Quoc
fingernail island near vung bau beach on phu quoc


If you are looking for adventure then you can rent or borrow a kayak from one of the nearby resorts and paddle to nearby Fingernail Island. You can also swim to fingernail island from Vung Bau's most southern point located at the Mai Phuong Resort.  The currents are strong, especially during the low season, so please be careful.  If you want to scuba dive fingernail Island then there is a dive shop, which is open during the peak season, located on the main road and will take you there and as well as nearby Turtle Island for a small fee.


In the early morning just after sunrise you will spot hornbills in this area.


In The Spotlight: Fingernail Islet

Kayak to nearby Fingernail Islet, a small island located just a few kilometers from Vung Bau Beach.

Vung Bau Beach Kayaking
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