Dinh Cau Temple

The Rock Temple of Phu Quoc Island

Dinh Cau Temple (also known as “Dinh Cau Shrine”, “Dinh Cau Castle”, “Dinh Cau Lighthouse”,” Dinh Cau Rock”, or the “Dragon King Shrine”) is one of the most popular sight-seeing attractions in Phú Quốc and often referred to as the “symbol of Phu Quoc and the Phu Quoc people”.


Dinh Cậu Phú Quốc

Region: Duong Dong| Vietnamese name: Khám Phá Dinh Cậu Phú Quốc | Family Friendly: Yes | Recommended Time: 1 hour | Directory | Admission: No | Rating: 4/5

The Dinh Cau Rock temple is part shrine and part lighthouse and it is perched on top of rocks at the mouth of the Duong Dong River in an area referred to as Mui Dinh Cau.  To reach the top of the Dinh Cau Temple you need to climb 29 winding stone steps which can be slippery at times.  During peak times there will be a few hawkers trying to sell you souvenirs as well as kids asking for money.

At the top of the temple there is a shrine, a lighthouse, as well as terrace overlooking Duong Dong Town, the port, and the sea.  It can get crowded during the sunset hours as many locals congregate up here to enjoy the spectacular views and the setting sun.

The Sea Goddess

The deity inside the Dinh Cau Temple is the sea goddess known as Thien Hau who is worshiped by Phu Quoc’s fisherman in hopes that she will provide a safe trip and calm weather while they are out at sea. She is flanked by her guardian generals.



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Before each fishing trip or on holidays, Phu Quoc local people come to Dinh Cau to burn incense sticks and pray for a safe journey.

Dinh Cậu Phú Quốc: History

The exact date of when the Dinh Cau Temple was built is shrouded in mystery but some scholars claim that the temple and the cape were created in 1937 by the local fisherman.

Lễ hội Dinh Cậu Festival

Every year on October 15th a festival is held at Phu Quoc's Dinh Cau Temple where the locals perform a ceremony while decorated in red and yellow traditional clothing.

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Mui Dinh Cau
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How to get there

Dinh Cau Temple is located on Dinh Cau Cape in neighborhood 2, Bach Dang Street, in Duong Dong Town of Phu Quoc District.  Just head towards the Duong Dong River and you will find it.

Why we love The Dinh Cau Temple


Besides the temple, the sunsets here are spectacular.  The surrounding area is also a great place to people watch.

Duong Dong River
phu quoc lighthouse

Dinh Cau Lighthouse

The lighthouse at the back of the Dinh Cau Temple provides a great panoramic view of the Duong Dong River, the Gulf of Thailand, as well as the Duong Dong Town.


The beach adjacent to the temple is called Dinh Cau Beach (Bãi Đính Cậu) and it is a great place to watch the sunset with the local people or from the rooftop at one of the luxury hotels in the area.  Be sure to try the fresh sugar cane juice that is served here every evening.

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