Bai Dam Beach


Bãi Dăm

Dam Beach (Bai Dam) is a beautiful beach located on the eastern side of Phu Quoc Island. It is a newly accessible beach thanks to the development of the new Ho Quoc Pagoda and the paving of the road that leads to the pagoda.

Map of Rach Vem Beach on Phu Quoc Island

Discover Bai Dam

Location: Duong To | Vietnamese name: Bai Dam | Directory | Rating: 4/5

The beach and sea are both clean and not riddled with garbage unlike some of the other beaches found on Phu Quoc.  The sand is dark yellowish and soft and the coastline is dotted by a variety of trees.

 Dam Beach is probably the best place on the island to watch the sunrise.  At 5:45 AM  to 6:00 AM the sun rises over the ocean and the best spot to view the sunrise is at the Ho Quoc Pagoda which is located at 100 m above sea level.

There is a simple fishing village nearby known as Lang Chai Chua, it is a great place to see how the locals live.