Ganh Dau Coral Gardens

Bãi San Hô Gành Dầu

Explore a secluded bay that only a few people have visited on Phu Quoc Island.  The Ganh Dau Coral Gardens is a fantastic natural ecotourism adventure that can be enjoyed by everyone, young and old alike.


Gành Dầu Coral Gardens

Prepare yourself to spot a breathtaking array of tropical fish, many of which can only be found in the seas surrounding Phu Quoc. Angelfish, parrot fish, and more are all represented; as is each color of the rainbow! Plus, the macro wonders of nudibranches can be seen here as well… if you are patient enough that is.  Crabs and even octopus make appearances regularly as well.

Located within a naturally protected bay in Ganh Dau Commune, Ganh Dau Coral Gardens is home to a plethora of hard coral species located at a depth of 5 m.  Here, guests can expect to explore the underwater world and view a myriad of Gulf of Thailand marine life. In addition to the snorkeling, there is a nice small beach to relax on.

During the high season from October to May, there is little to no current here making this spot great for young kids as well.

Getting There

In order to get to the Ganh Dau Coral Gardens you have to either paddle on your own or commission your own boat to take you there from Ganh Dau Beach, which is located at Mui Ganh Dau up in the north west region of Phu Quoc.  It is a relatively short trip to the small bay.  

ganh dau coral gardens

snorkeling ganh dau phu quoc boat

Coral Gardens Phu Quoc





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