Phu Quoc Fishing Villages

All the fishing villages found on Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam.

Làng Chài Cửa Cạn

This village has a population of about 4,000 people and it is the gateway to the Cua Can Beach and Cua Can River. Here you will find local houses built on stilts over the river, picturesque rickety wooden bridges, and an estuary. The river here provides adventurers access to the interior of the Phu Quoc National Forest. Cua Can’s claim to fame is the mysterious sand bar just north of the village and viewable from the road heading to Dai Beach.

Cua Can Village on Phu Quoc in Vietnam is a small commune located on the western coast of the island. Here you will find wooden bridges, unique ecosystems, pepper plantations, and the mighty Cua Can river.


Cua Can Village is a small picturesque fishing village located in the north western section of Phu Quoc Island.

Cua Can Village Tour via Motorbike

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Cua Can Village Location

Cua Can Village is located 15 km north of Duong Dong Town and 10 km south of Ganh Dau in the north.

cua can location

What To See & Do

cua can village wooden bridge cua can wooden bridge phu quoc

cua can beach

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How To Get To Cua Can Village

Cua Can Village is easily accessible by traveling up the Duong Dong – Cua Can Road, which is one of the main roads on Phu Quoc Island. This road will take you to Ganh Dau, Vinpearl Resort, Vinpearl Land, Ong Lang Beach, Vung Bau Beach, and Duong Dong Town. To access this road from Duong Dong Town you first have to cross the Duong Dong River at either the Nguyen Trung Truc Road Bridge or the Hung Vuong Road Bridge. Once you have crossed the river, navigate your way to the Duong Dong – Cua Can Road.

Làng chài Hàm Ninh Phú Quốc