Phu Quoc's Mangrove Forest


Melaleuca Forests of Phu Quoc

The northern coast of Phu Quoc Island and some areas in An Thoi are home to the regions most sensitive ecosystem – the Mangrove Forest.  The mangroves protect the island from floods during the rainy season and provides a channel for nutrients to flow throughout the Phu Quoc National Park.  Phu Quoc's mangrove forests are mainly concentrated along Bai Thom and Ganh Dau's northern coastline and is a home to numerous plants, animals, and even people. The region is a up-and-coming ecotourism destination and organized tours to the mangroves will commence soon.

Species of Mangroves (melalecua woodlands) found on Phu Quoc Island:

  • Rhizophora apiculata
  • Bruguiera gymmorhisa
  • Sonneratia alba
  • Lumnitzera racemosa
  • Ecoecaria agallocha
  • Lumnitzera coccinea – *found on Phu Quoc Island only.

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Hiking Through Phu Quoc's Mangroves

In Rach Vem & Rach Tram there are opportunities to hike around the mangrove forests.  The most dense section of the mangroves is found in the middle of the Rach Tram River System.

The following is a video tour of gently hiking around Phu Quoc's Mangrove Forest. The much sought after Tram Mushroom can be found here.

Phu Quoc Park
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