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Phú Quốc Waterfalls & Streams

Phu Quoc's lush forests are to home to numerous streams and waterfalls — one of the many reasons why the island is widely referred to as the “Emerald Island”. While many tourists go to Phu Quoc as a way to beat the cold of winter or an escape from city life, it's the natural ecotourism destinations on the island that provide the adventure as sort of the yin to the yang of resorts and beach life.  Phu Quoc is not another beach destination, it is an island district where nature, people, and old traditions come together. 

Suoi Tranh Waterfall during rainy season


The Suối Tranh is Phú Quốc's most popular waterfall.

Suoi Da Ban stream on Phu Quoc Island


The Suối Đá Bàn has numerous smaller waterfalls and is more known for its flat granite rock and natural Jacuzzi's.

Da Ngon Waterfall Hike on Phu Quoc Island


The Suối Đá Ngọn is off-the-beaten track but those who hike here will be rewarded with a nice waterfall.

da ngon waterfall


Thác Đá Đầu is one of the lesser known waterfalls. 

Suoi Tranh, Suoi Da Ban, Suoi Da Ngon, and Suoi Da Dau are Phu Quoc's four main streams that have waterfalls.   The other waterfalls are Thay Tu Waterfall (thác Thầy Tu), The 3 Waterfall (thác Đồi 3), and the Hang Waterfall (thác Hang),


  • If you plan on visiting any of the streams and waterfalls in Phu Quoc early in the morning, please bring insect repellent as there are a lot of mosquitoes during this time of day.
  • Like with most waterfalls, the falls here are more impressive during the rainy season but it is also worth visiting during the dry season.
  • If you do not arrive early, expect to share your Phu Quoc waterfall experience with a lot of other tourists and locals.
  • You can climb to the top of the waterfalls, just be careful. 
  • Wild Orchids & Ginseng – As you hike along the trails, keep an eye out for orchids, ginseng, and other beautiful flora.


Jungle Garbage

The waterfall and streams found on Phu Quoc Island are popular picnicking & make-shift jungle karaoke locations for the inhabitants of Phu Quoc, who come here during their days off to enjoy some down time with their friends and loved ones.  They eat, sing, and enjoy life in the presence of mother nature. After they have finished enjoying the peaceful jungle scenery, they normally do not take their garbage back with them – which can be seen scattered throughout the area. 

This scene normally shocks visitors to the island who can't believe people would just leave behind trash in such a beautiful setting.  Until the Vietnamese government educates the local people about the importance of environmental conservation, these beautiful environmental areas will be spoiled by trash. 

This is not to say that these natural attractions should be avoided, but for visitors to be less judgmental while visiting them and maybe pickup some trash while you are there.

Mountains & Monsoons

The Ham Ninh Mountain Range, which runs up along the islands eastern coastline, exhibits a micro-climate that differs from the rest of the island.  This area experiences more rainfall and humidity which gives rise to the lush forest at the mountains base. 

The annual monsoon replenishes the areas streams, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and swamps and it is during this season, from June to October, where the forest becomes alive.  However as November approaches, the rains stop, the island air becomes very dry, and a lot of the water evaporates.  Additionally, the islands pent up demand for fresh water also puts additional pressure on these streams and rivers. 

If you are lucky, and are on the island at the right time, you can witness some beautiful waterfall set in a fairy-tale setting where locals still believe fairies exist – like a scene out of a Disney movie.


suoi tranh waterfall phu quoc


Suoi Tranh Waterfall during rainy season

Streams & Rivers

Duong Dong Lake is Phu Quoc's largest lake and fresh water reservoir. The lake has more than 10 small streams flowing in and out of it, with the two largest being Suoi Da Dau and Suoi Da Ngon, with the latter being the most picturesque . 

The following is a list of all the major streams located in the central part of Phu Quoc:

1. Suối Tranh.
2. Suối Đá Bàn.
3. Suối Đá Ngọn, thác suối đồi 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
4. Suối Bom.
5. Suối Tiên.
6. Suối Mơ.
7. Suối Mây.
8. Suối Lớn.
9. Suối Đá.


Suối Tranh Waterfall

Region: Suoi May, Duong To | Vietnamese name: Khu Du Lịch Suối Tranh | Family Friendly: Yes | Restaurant: Yes | Public Washrooms: Yes | | Recommended Time: 2 hours | Directory | Admission: $0.40USD / 10,000VND | Rating: 3.5/5


The Suoi Tranh Waterfall (Suối Tranh) is one of Phu Quoc’s popular ecotourism attractions and consists of a garden area decorated with large animal statues, a full service restaurant, and a trail leading next to a stream that will take you to the Tranh waterfall. 


  • Adult: 10,000VND ~$0.40USD
  • Child: 5,000VND ~ $0.20USD
  • Car parking: 10,000VND ~ $0.40USD
  • Motorbike parking: 2,000VND ~ $0.08USD

how to get to tranh stream phu quoc


From Duong Dong Town and the Long Beach area, it will take you about 15 minutes to get to Suoi Tranh Eco Park. Head south on Tran Hung Dao Street towards the airport and at the roundabout, before the airport, turn left. Travel for about 5 minutes until you reach the end of the road and then make a right onto the main road. Travel for another 7 minutes and on your left hand side you will see a giant concrete gate.


The Tranh Waterfall is not the biggest or the most dramatic of its kind, but it does have its own charms and the surrounding forest is quite peaceful. The trail leading to the waterfall consists of a series of smaller waterfalls and streams. Look into the stream and you will see small fish and freshwater shrimps. In the forested area you will also see wild orchids, exotic mushrooms, and a variety of moss & lichens.  It takes about 20 minutes to reach the Tranh Waterfall from the entrance of the park.

tranh stream phu quoc

If your time on the island is limited we recommend that you visit this waterfall as it is only 10 minutes away from Duong Dong Town and can be combined with a visit to the picturesque Ham Ninh Fishing Village which is near by. The road that takes you to the Tranh Waterfall will also take you to Bai Sao Beach, Bai Kem Beach, Coconut Prison, and An Thoi Port.

At the Tranh Waterfall the adventurous can get off the beaten path and explore the diverse fauna and flora and even a cave system (Bat Cave) which is located further up from the waterfall site.

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tranh waterfall phu quoc
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how to get to tranh stream phu quoc
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How to get there


Suối Đá Bàn

Region: Cua Duong | Vietnamese name:  Suối Đá Bàn Phú Quốc | Family Friendly: Yes | Restaurant: Yes | Public Washrooms: Yes| Recommended Time: 1 hour | Directory | Admission: No | Rating: 2/5


Da Ban Stream (also known as Suối Đá Bàn or Da Ban Waterfall or Table Rock Stream) is a stream that originates from the Ham Ninh mountain range and is situated close to Duong Dong Lake in Cửa Dương Phu Quoc.


Entrance Fee: 5,000VND
Parking: 10,000VND to park your motorbike or bicycle.

Da Ban Stream consists of a series of flat stone slabs lying in series and makes for a perfect spot for a picnic. The waterfall itself is quite small and not as nice as the Tranh Stream waterfall, however the draw here is the wooden suspension bridge and the fact that there are not a lot of tourists and it is located relatively close to Duong Dong Town making it an easy day trip. The hiking up the stream to the waterfall site is relatively easy and safe as there is a clear path on one side.

da ban stream pool

da ban stream

da ban stream

da ban stream



The Da Ban Waterfall can be found 10 minutes north of Duong Dong Town and it is very close to Duong Dong Lake, which may also be worth a visit. The surrounding area has a lot of large beautiful flat boulders where you can either rest or have your lunch as the flat surface makes for a perfect table top. The Da Ban waterfall is less dramatic and less crowded than the Tranh Waterfall (see below).

suoi da ban stream phu quoc location


The wooden suspension bridge is nice to walk on. If you are not adventurous then you can take another more stable wooden bridge just a few steps away.

da ban stream phu quoc island bridge

da ban stream phu quoc wooden bridge


natural pool da ban stream


picnic da ban stream

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How to get there

Da Ban Stream is located 6 km north east of Duong Dong Town. From Duong Dong Town head down Nguyen Trung Truc Street toward Thom Village or Ganh Dau Village and then turn right to Duong To Village. You will then reach a dirt road that will take you into the Da Ban. This road can be muddy at times and it has a lot of potholes. Traveling down this dirt road for 4 km will take you to the parking area.


Suối Đá Ngọn & Suối Đá Đầu

Region: Cua Duong | Vietnamese name:  Suối Đá Ngọn & Suối Đá Đầu | Family Friendly: No | Restaurant: No | Public Washrooms: No| Recommended Time: 6 hour | Directory | Admission: No | Rating: 4/5

Both the Suoi Da Ngon & Suoi Da Dau streams. and there numerous waterfalls, are located east of the Duong Dong Lake.  Both of these streams have been spared of development as the Duong Dong Lake is classified as a restricted military zone.  You can however still visit the streams by hiking around the lake.   It takes about 3 hours to get here.  Sometimes you can even commission a boat across the Duong Dong lake to reach here, if there is a ranger available.



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Da Ngon Waterfall Hike on Phu Quoc Island
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How to get there

Map of all the waterfalls found on Phu Quoc



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