Top 5 Souvenirs You Should Buy in Phu Quoc Vietnam

top 5 souvenirs to buy in phu quoc

Phu Quoc Souvenirs – Top 5

Here are the top five souvenir finds that are worth purchasing on Phu Quoc Island.

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1. Phu Quoc Fish Sauce

Phu Quoc is famous for its stinky fish sauce (nuoc mam). In fact most people, well most Vietnamese, would agree that the best fish sauce comes from Phu Quoc. The reason why Phu Quoc fish sauce is much sought after is the fact that it tastes “the freshest” mainly because most of the fish sauce producers manufacturer the umami goodness next to the sea. Being close to the sea ensures minimal oxidation of the black anchovy, the main ingredient in fish sauce. You can find Phu Quoc fish sauce everywhere and it is now possible to take it back with you.

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2. Phu Quoc Pepper

Another famous indigenous product found on the island is the black pepper. There are over 500 hectares of pepper plantations on the island that reaps over 1,900 tonnes of pepper each year. Almost every shop on Phu Quoc sells black pepper and it is worth taking some of this black goodness home with you. For the bold, try buying fresh picked pepper at the Duong Dong Market. The fresh picked variety tastes exponentially better than the dried kind.

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3. Sim Fruit Candy

Sim Candy is a relatively new product that was released in 2015. It is made from the juice of the sim fruit and gelatin. This unique candy tastes like a cross between black currant and cherries. It is perfectly packed in a small cardboard box which will not take up too much space in your luggage.

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4. Real or Fake Pearls

Phu Quoc has a few pearl farms and outlets which you can visit. Each of these outlets have a shop where you can buy authentic Phu Quoc pearls however most of the good quality pearls are exported out of the island. You can also purchase fake pearls at the various markets found around the island.

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5. Phu Quoc Wine

On Phu Quoc you will find the strangest flavored wines in all of Vietnam which are worth bringing back even if it will not be consumed. From Seahorse wine to sim wine and even plain old rice wine can all be found on Vietnam's largest island.

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