Uber Taxi Vietnam Review Promo Code

review uber vietnam promo code

Review of Uber Taxi Vietnam – Promo Code (uberPhuQuoc) for Free $15 Ride Included

This may sound too good to be true – free Uber Taxi rides, $15 credit to take taxi anywhere in Vietnam (Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City), no taxi booking fees, $1 discount off UberTaxi fares, 25% discount off UberTaxi fares. Initially I felt the same way too however my skepticism turned into optimism once I managed to enjoy all these great perks.

[box style=”1″]According to CNBC, Uber had secured US$1.2 billion in funding and this company now has a valuation of US$51billion. Clearly they have lots of money to splurge to ramp up awareness of Uber Taxi services in Vietnam.[/box]

Join Uber Today

In order to experience Uber Vietnam and take advantage of the promotional offer, you have to follow the following two step process:

Step 1: To enjoy $15 off your first taxi ride with Uber, enter the Uber promo code: uberphuquoc when you sign up an account with Uber (just below the field where you input your credit card details) at https://www.uber.com/invite/uberphuquoc

Step 2: Then download the Uber app from Google Play store or Apple App store to book your rides – you will need to turn on your data plan (or connect to Wi-Fi) and GPS to use the Uber app.

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Enjoy Uber in Vietnam!