Phu Quoc Island's Floating Restaurants

Enjoy a tasty authentic Vietnamese seafood meal with a million dollar view at one Phu Quoc Islands many floating seafood restaurants.

A true Phu Quoc Experience

Làng chài Rạch Vẹm

Rạch Vẹm Floating Restaurants

Location: Ganh Dau Commune, Rach Vem Village | Best months: Year round | Recommended Time: 1 – 3 hr

Lang chai rach vem aerial photo


Rach Vem Fishing Village is a small coastal village located 40 km from the main town of Duong Dong that is part of Ganh Dau Commune.  It was once strictly a community of fishermen and their families who have mixed Khmer/Vietnamese roots.  Today the fishing community still exists but tourism has transformed this village.  The main attractions here are the numerous “floating restaurants”, fish farms, and a variety of ecotourism tours all found along the white sands of Rach Vem Beach

Majority of these “floating seafood restaurants” are actually not floating but rather built on top of stilts.  Some of these restaurants are connected to Rach Vem Beach via a large wooden bridge while others require you be ferried over via a small boat called “canoes”.

Further out at sea you will find “floating farms”, small huts that raise fish which you can visit:

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rach vem village
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Where to eat?

Most of the floating restaurants serve the same type of food – mainly seafood, either hotpot style, bbq, or braised.  Fish, squid, shrimp, shellfish, rice, salt, pepper, fish sauce, chili, and a variety of beers and soft drinks are found on all menus.  You can pick which fish you want to eat as most of these restaurants have their own fish farm – the benefits of living close to the sea.

The difference in price all comes down to marketing.  Remember that you are not just paying for the food but for the experience.  Prices are a bit high (~$20US for grouper) when compared to the rest of Vietnam but dirt cheap compared to places like Phuket or Bali.  Some restaurants offer karaoke, which can be fun for some and annoying for others.  Our advise – come here during high noon or during the sunset hours.

For an original authentic Vietnamese foodie experience, dine at a place called the “Love Float Farm” (Nhà Bè Tình Yêu) – family friendly and tasty well priced food.  You can watch a video about them below:

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Getting Here

You can get to the Rach Vem Floating Restaurants by either bicycle, motorbike, car/taxi, or boat from anywhere in Phu Quoc.  The road to Rach Vem Village has not been paved yet so it may be challenging to navigate during the rainy season.   Costs vary depending on your mode of transport.  Organized tours also stop off here.


  1. Don't swim in the water here… these restaurants throw everything into the sea including sewage.
  2. Spend some time exploring the low tidal beach and look out for 3 different species of starfish and other low tidal animals.
  3. The wooden bridges here are quite beautiful and are often used in local Vietnamese wedding photography – spend some time admiring the simple architecture.
  4. Try the cobia and crab!
  5. If you are bored, you can rent a jet-ski or hover-board at the floating park found just east of all the restaurants.
  6.  Just a bit further north you will find Starfish Beach, an area along Rach Vem Beach that has a lot of starfish.
starfish beach on Phu Quoc Island

Làng Chài Hàm Ninh

Hàm Ninh Floating Restaurants

Location: Ham Ninh Commune, Ham Ninh Fishing Village| Best months: October to June | Recommended Time: 1 hr

ham ninh floating restaurants
Ham Ninh Fishing Village is a small area located by the long Ham Ninh Pier east of Rach Ham, the capital of Ham Ninh Commune.  Anchored to the pier are numerous floating restaurant barges —  a new attraction to the area.

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ham ninh
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Where to eat?

Like in Rach Vem, most of these floating seafood restaurants serve the same dishes so pick one with a great view.  The more popular restaurants are located at the end of the pier and provide the best views of the sea and  the Ham Ninh mountain range.

Crab is the specialty here in Ham Ninh, just make sure that you order live fresh crabs otherwise you risk getting sick.

Getting Here

The floating seafood restaurants in Ham Ninh are are easier  to get to as Ham Ninh Commune has well paved roads and it is an area that is sandwiched between ferry ports and an airport.


  1. Don't swim in the water here… these restaurants throw everything into the sea including sewage.
  2. Avoid buying starfish from children.  Starfish should be in the ocean and children should be at school.
  3. Try the cobia and crab!
  4. Ham Ninh Fishing Village is more than just a pier and a place to eat seafood.  Explore the markets and the inner roads for a glimpse of the laid back life here.
  5. Visit Ham Ninh Fishing Village at 5:00 am to witness the sky change color and an amazing sunrise.



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