Cửa Cạn Beach Phu Quoc

Bãi Cửa Cạn

Cua Can Beach (Bai Cua Can) is a wild “beach” that resembles an arched sand bar (estuary) with the ocean on one side and the Cua Can River on the other.

map of cua can beach


Cửa Cạn Beach

Region: Cua Can | Vietnamese name: Bãi Biển Cửa Cạn | Family Friendly: Yes | Recommended Time: 2 hours | Directory | Rating: 3/5

Cua Can Beach is a small stretch of beach that is divided by the Cua Can River. You can observe this beach by going to the Chez Carole Resort & Restaurant or by navigating your way through Cua Can Town.


Why we love Bai Cua Can

Beach Sports

Cua Can Beach is wide enough to participate in a variety of beach activities.

cua can beach
Cua Can Beach, Phu Quoc

Sand Bar

There is a sand bar by the river mouth that is home to coastal wildlife.  The sandbar is consistently dredged, but mother nature always reshapes her.

Dune Beach

This beach is really a coastal sand dune, which is unique to Phu Quoc.

Cua Can sandbar


How to get there

Cua Can Beach is located approximately 15 km from Duong Dong town.  Just follow the signs to Chez Carole resort and you will find this beach.  The beach is tough to find as you need to cross a few rickety bridges to get here.



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