Hòn Bần

Island in Ganh Dau Commune

Hòn Bần Island

Hòn Bần Island, sometimes referred to as Hòn Bàng, is a tiny islet located off Ganh Dau's northern coast.It is a small beach that is surrounded by coral teeming with life.

The only way to get to Bang Beach is by a) either commissioning your own boat from Ganh Dau Beach or b) by joining an organize tour operated by 754 Restaurant in Ganh Dau Village.

What To See & Do

  • Picnic: Bang Beach is a favorite picnicking spot for the people of Ganh Dau Village. You can bring your own food and have yourself your very own beach BBQ.
  • Snorkel: The island is surrounded by coral waiting to be explored.
  • Fishing: You can fish in the surrounding waters here as well.
  • Swimming: The water around Bang Island is calm and clear and perfect for swimming.
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