Ham Ninh Mountain Trekking

"Mount Heaven"

Tiên Sơn Đỉnh

The adventurous Ham Ninh Mountain Trek takes you through the jungles of the south eastern section of the Phu Quoc National Park and to the top of “Tiên Sơn Đỉnh”, the summit of Mount Hàm Ninh.

Tiên Sơn Đỉnh on Phu Quoc


Núi Hàm Ninh

Location: Ham Ninh Commune, Núi Hàm Ninh | Trail Rating: Moderate | Distance: ~3 km | MapBest months: October to May | Time: 1 – 3 hr

The Ham Ninh Mountain (Nui Ham Ninh) is one of Phu Quoc's most scenic mountain. Although not the highest mountain on the island (~300 m), Mount Ham Ninh is the most popular due to its proximity to both Duong Dong Town and Ham Ninh Village.

Tiên Sơn Đỉnh

Detailed Guide On Trekking Mount Heaven on Phu Quoc Island

Mount Ham Ninh is one of the mountains that makes up the Ham Ninh mountain system, one of three mountain systems found on Phu Quoc Island, with the others being the Ham Rong mountain system in the north and the Ganh Dau mountain system in the north east. The Ham Ninh mountain system is unique from the other two systems due to its' ecotourism value as it is more accessible and closer to the major tourist areas found on the island. All three mountain systems lie within the boundaries of the Phu Quoc National Park, which covers 50% of Phu Quoc Island.

Ham Ninh Mountain Range on Phu Quoc

Trekking Mount Heaven

The Ham Ninh Mountain Trail (also known as Mountain Heaven Trail, Núi ông Đụng) is not maintained nor is it an official “trail”. In fact there are many trails that take you to the top of Ham Ninh Mountain and these trails became apparent recently. In the past, locals living in Ham Ninh commune, particularly Rạch Hàm, use to forage and hunt within the mountain corridor. Some locals even lived (and died) in the forest, using the giant sandstone boulders as shelter and the fertile forest to grow crops.   This can be seen at the foot of the mountain, The “Mount Heaven Phu Quoc Trail” has become increasingly more popular as tourist agencies have now found it and offer guided tours to the summit.  The trek to the summit, however, is not simple as you will need to climb a rickety bamboo ladder and scale a side of a flat rock using only tree branches and ropes to assist you.

Tiên Sơn Đỉnh in Phu Quoc

Once you have successfully climbed the flat rock, you will be at the top and then shortly pass by a shrine dedicated to ông Đụn.

Nui Ong Dong Phu Quoc

The summit of Mount Heaven, marked by the small shrine called Tiên Sơn Đỉnh, is just a few feet away.  The highlight is the 20 square meter look out point where you can see Lang Chai Ham Ninh fishing village below.

Mount Heaven summit on Phu Quoc Island

Trail Scenery

Mount Ham Ninh and the surrounding area consists of Primary Dipterocarp Forest – a type of forest characterized by large rainforest trees, fertile soil, and large sandstone sedimentary rock. During your mountain trek you will see large boulders covered in tree roots, wild orchids, spiky trees, and a variety of fruit bearing trees. Due to the nutrient rich soil found in the area, there are many Phu Quoc Pepper farms found at the foothills of the Hàm Ninh mountain.

Primary Dipterocarp Forests


Numerous traditional medicines, wild sim fruit and papaya trees can be found along the numerous trails that lead into the Ham Ninh Mountain systems.  There are also a few species of orchids that always delight trekkers.

myrtle flower phu quoc

Who Is It For?

Trekking Mount Ham Ninh is not for everyone as it is not a leisure trek. Trekking to Mount Ham Ninh's viewing spot requires a much higher level of fitness than the Ganh Dau Trail, the other Phu Quoc hiking trail found on the island.

You do not need to be one of the greatest mountain climbers in the world, but complete amateurs or those who already get out of breath climbing the stairs up to their flat should think twice before going on this adventure trek.


The starting point for the mountain trail begins at any one of the shops located at the perimeter of the Ham Ninh mountain range — Bãi Bổn and ấp Cây Sao. If you are traveling via motorbike, politely ask if you can park your motorbike for the day. The people who live in the surrounding area know this trail very well and can help navigate you – for a fee of 200,000VND.

Behind the shops you will find several paths. Look for the most beaten path.

Trekking Mount Heaven


Always hike safely and make sure to take advantage of all safety tips and guidelines. When hiking on Phu Quoc Island, be sure to be prepared with these essentials:

  • Good hiking shoes with tread. The sandstone rock can be quite slippery when wet.
  • Light pants to keep cool or shorts (but beware that you may get scratches from branches and thorny plants).
  • Light shirt to keep cool.
  • Light rain jacket. especially if you plan on hiking or trekking during the rainy season.
  • Backpack with enough water, lunch and sunscreen (depending on length and intensity of hike).
  • Mosquito repellent.
  • Smartphone to access our maps and use GPS.
  • For safety reasons, please do not hike alone – this includes both men and women regardless of your fitness/strength level.
  • Avoid entering Ham Ninh mountain system of you have open cuts or a weakened immune system.
  • Groups of 2+ are ideal and also let your hotel know that you will be hiking in the mountain.

Ham Ninh Mountain Trekking

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mountain trekking in phu quoc
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How to get there

Tiên Sơn Đỉnh is located in Ham Ninh Commune.  The mountain range also overlaps Cua Duong commune.



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