Get away from absolutely everything by visiting Hon Thom Island, also known as "Pineapple Island".

Hòn Thơm

What was once predominantly an island that catered to fishermen and their families is now a thriving tourism hub bringing in a new influx of travelers from across the seas. Tour boats have replace local ferries as the best way to get there, and lying in the sun with an umbrella drink may be all some visitors do once they arrive. For the more energetic, there’s sightseeing, fishing sailing, snorkeling, scuba, and of course – taking a ride on the majestic over-sea cable car.

Hon Thom

Phu Quoc's second largest island

At 5.71 square kilometers, Hòn Thơm is the largest island in the An Thoi archipelago and the second largest island in Phu Quoc District.  It is home to the world's longest oversea cable car, 4 beaches, an amusement park, and an underwater discovery zone.

Hon Thom Island, also commonly referred to as “Pineapple Island”, bills itself as a premiere eco-tourism island destination that has a a picturesque fishing village, a few restaurants, a resort complex as well as a few places to stay.

Most people usually visit Hon Thom as a day trip as it is very close to the districts main island.


Hon Thom is blessed with 4 beaches:

1. Bai Chao – This crescent shaped beach is postcard perfect and quite popular with day-trippers.

pineapple beach hon thom island phu quoc


2. Bai Nam – Hon Thom's main beach which also serves as a port.

Bai Nam, Hon Thom Island


3. Bai Nom – A secluded beach on the southern side of Hon Thom.

4. Bai Chuong – An urban beach which also serves as a port during the rainy season.

Bai Chuong Beach on Hon Thom Island

Why we love Hon Thom Island

White Sand Beach

Soft powdery white sand crescent shaped beach — one of the few found in Phu Quoc.

Hon Thom Island Beaches
Bai Nam, Phu Quoc

Bai Nam Fishing Village

Observe the hustle and bustle of this coastal fishing community.

Hon Thom Cable Car

The worlds longest oversea cable car connects An Thoi with Hon Thom Island.

phu quoc cable car
vinpearl land phu quoc waterslide

Hon Thom Nature Park

A water park and amusement park located right in the middle of the island.

Sea Walker Attraction

In 2017, a new tourist attraction emerged here on Hon Thom Island that allow guests to snuba dive  to see the reefs below.

snorkeling pineapple beach phu quoc
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How to get to Hon Thom

Hon Thom Island is connected to Phu Quoc Island via the The Hon Thom-Phu Quoc cable car.  The total distance between the two islands is approximately 8 kilometers. You can also travel to Hon Thom from Phu Quoc Island by either taking a local ferry or by joining a tour.

Ready to plan your adventure trip to Hon Thom Island?

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