An Thoi Archipelago Commune

Hon Thom Commune

Like beads in a coral necklace strung between the Gulf of Thailand and mainland Vietnam, the islands that make up Hon Thom Commune generates an aura of romance and adventure. 

Hon Thom  is the island communed located south of Phu Quoc Island, Phu Quoc Districts largest island.  There are 15 islands that are  under the administration of Hon Thom Commune, however most are uninhabited.  Discover Hon Thom Commune today by scrolling down.

Hon Thom Commune

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Hon Thom Island Beaches
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Xã Hòn Thơm

Islands of Hon Thom Commune

Hon Dua Island in An Thoi Phu Quoc

Hon Dua

Hon Dua is also known as coconut island and for the most part is largely uninhabited.

hon roi island in an thoi phu quoc

Hon Roi

Hon Thom

Hòn Thơm

Hon Thom, or “Pineapple Island” is the 2nd largest island in Phu Quoc District.  Here you will find the Phu Quoc Cable Car terminal station, Hon Thom Nature Park, 4 beaches, and an all inclusive resort.

At Bai Nam Beach, the islands main beach, you will find a small port and a few simple restaurants and snack bars and 

hon vang an thoi phu quoc island

Hon Vang

Hon Vang is another uninhabited island.

Hon Xuong Phu Quoc

Hòn Xưởng

One of the most popular islands in Hon Thom Commune.  The postcard perfect island is popular with day trippers and tour groups.

hon mong tay an thoi phu quoc island

Hon Mong Tay

Located just south of Hon Xuong, Hon Mong Tay is a small rock islet and often referred to as Fingernail Island.

hon anh dong an thoi phu quoc island

Hon Anh Dong

South of Hon Mon Tay, Hon Anh Dong is place for deep sea fishing and fish farming.

hon anh tay an thoi phu quoc island

Hon Anh Tay

One of the furthest islands in Hon Thom Commune and a hot spot for deep sea fishing.

Hon gam ghi island

Hòn Gầm Ghì

A privately owned island across from Hon Xuong that has a nice white sand beach.  On the western side of the island lies a series of rocks that resemble a flower pot.

hon vong island beach on phu quoc island

Hon Vong

Across from Hon Gam Ghi, Hon Vong Island is blessed with a long stretch of powdery white sand beach.  On family lives on the island as of 2017.

Bai Dam Beach on Phu Quoc Island

Hòn Mây Rút

A small privately owned island which you can visit. This island has a nice small white sand beach and there is a home-stay available here as well. Stop by for drinks or a snack and rest up on a hammock.

hon trang an thoi phu quoc island

Hon Trang


Hon Kim Quy

hon kho an thoi phu quoc island

Hon Kho

Hòn Dăm Ngoài

Hòn Dăm Ngoài

Small spit of an island, Hòn Dăm Ngoài is surrounded by coral however most of the coral has been bleached.

Hon Dam Trong

Hòn Dăm Trong

Bleached coral, bacteria laced waters surround Hòn Dăm Trong.  It was also once considered a secret island dedicated for sex tourism.



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