Hon Thom Island Phu Quoc

Hon Thom Island (Pineapple Island) is the largest island in the An Thoi archipelago, south of An Thoi Town. This island is under the administration of Hon Thom Commune which consists of 18 islands in the area. Currently the main economic activity on Hon Thom Island is fishing, however due to its size, rich water, and its proximity to the Phu Quoc Mainland, there are plans to develop the island into the next tourist destination complete with resorts, vacation homes, and even a golf course.

Hon Thom Island In An Thoi, Phu Quoc

Hon Thom Village was founded in 2004 and has a total area of 571 ha. The current population of the Hon Thom Village is about 2,500 people, with the vast majority of them living on Hon Thom Island. The village has electricity, health stations, schools, and even an internet cafe.

Hon Thom Beach

There are 2 main beaches on the island with several small patches of sand scattered throughout.  The main beach is where all the economic activity happens and faces the west.  The eastern beach consists of a small community of fisherman.

Main Beach

hon thom beach

Main Beach

hon thom island

Local Beach

hon thom island beach

Local Beach

hon thom beach

What To See

  • Observe Local Life: There is not much to see apart from observing how the locals live their lives. The island is small and the vast majority of the people live close to the main beach. The main beach is quite dirty as it is littered with ocean debris, plastic bags, wrappers, and other waste. For 20,000VND you can get a Xe Om (motorbike taxi) to drive you around the island. The total trip only takes about 30 minutes, however there isn’t really much to see.


  • Sunset From Hon Thom Beach: The sunset from the main beach is also quite nice.

hon thom sunset

What To Do

  • Snorkeling: There are various coral reefs scattered throughout the area. Bring a snorkel and mask and hire a fisherman to take you the main snorkeling spots. You can also fish for squid and grouper in the area.

snorkeling pineapple beach phu quoc

Where To Eat

  • At Hon Thom Island there are a few local restaurants near the beach selling a variety of traditional Vietnamese food and snacks.  You can also try the seafood here at some of the small street side eateries in town.

hon thom village

Where To Stay

  • Currently there are no places to stay on Hon Thom Island, but that is likely to change soon.  Camping could be an option but may not be safe as there are no designated camp grounds.

How To Get To Hon Thom

  • From Duong Dong Town, make your way south and head to An Thoi Town, which is about 45 minutes away (27km). When you are in An Thoi Town go to the port. Entrance to the port will cost 5,000VND and parking for your motorbike is an additional 10,000VND.

where is hon thom island

  • From An Thoi port you can catch a local ferry departing to Hon Thom Island every hour on the hour until 5pm. The trip takes about 45minutes, depending on the weather conditions. The cost for a one way ticket from An Thoi Port to Ho Thom is 30,000VND.

ferry to hon thom island

  • Once you arrive at Hon Thom Island, you will be asked if you want to stay on the boat and head back to An Thoi or venture onto the island. If you decide to step foot on Hon Thom island, you will have to pay an additional 10,000VND as you need to be taxied out of your boat and onto the beach.

hon thom beach

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