Long Beach Phu Quoc

Long Beach

A trip to Phu Quoc would not be complete without a day lazing on the golden sands of its main beach Long Beach. Stretching over 20 km it is the epicenter of both local and tourist activity. Sunbathers and swimmers alike are welcomed by the cool breeze that rolls in off the ocean and the view here is spectacular, especially at sunset.


Overview Of Long Beach on Phu Quoc

Region: Duong To | Vietnamese name: Bãi Trướng | Directory | Rating: 2/5

Located along the western coast of Phu Quoc Island, Long Beach (Truong Beach/Bãi Trướng) is the most popular beach in Kiên Giang Province.  It is Phu Quoc's main beach and the epicenter of all tourist related activities on the island.  At Long Beach you can swim, snorkel, kayak, jet ski, SUP, sail, enjoy fresh coconut juice, receive a beach massage, and enjoy a drink at the numerous bars that line the beach.   

"Long Beach" Orientation

Long Beach 101

Like the name suggests, Long Beach is a rather long beach and it is broken into two main sections — “North Long Beach” and “South Long Beach”. The demarcation line that separates the two sections is the Sông Tranh estuary.  There is also a backpackers area within long beach known as “Long Beach Village”, which is packed with bars, shops motorbike rentals, laundry etc – See Long Beach Village

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North Long Beach

North Long Beach is approximately 5 km in length and officially starts at the mouth of the Song Tranh canal near the Eden resort and ends in front of the Trang An Phu Quoc Hotel, where the beach meets the rocky coast.  North Long Beach is the older and most dense area of Phu Quoc and it is where you will find affordable resorts, hostels, hotels, bars, and restaurants.




South Long Beach

Approximately 15 km in length, South Long Beach is the newer, upscale section of Truong Beach.  It is where most of the islands premium beach resorts and villas are located.  This section is often referred to its Vietnamese name — Bãi Trướng.  At South Long Beach you will also find a few pearl farms and a unique temple dedicated to the worship of whales called the Dinh Ong Nam Hai – Lễ cúng cá Ông ở Phú Quốc – (see below). The southern section of Long Beach is approximately 15 km in length.



Tran Hung Dao

Long Beach also has a Long Street, namely “Tran Hung Dao” which is a well asphalted road running up and down the western coastline. This road becomes a highway of sorts (DT975) in the South Long Beach section of Duong To.  For those guests who have rented motorbikes, you can travel down this road and reach An Thoi – the southern region known for its white sand beaches, prison heritage site, and the gateway to the An Thoi archipelago.

What To Expect

Long Beach is not the nicest beach on the island and its hard to find a patch of sand to call your own here.  During the monsoon season, trash washes up along its vast shores, leaving those visiting the area with a bad experience.  However during the dry season, the beach and ocean here are quite lovely. The trash is minimal and most resorts clean their section of the beach.

Did you know....

That some local Vietnamese worship whales? Legend has it that whales protect fishermen out at sea and will help them during stormy weather and provide a safe passage back to Phu Quoc – they are considered “Guardian Angels”.

Whale temple in Phu Quoc Island

A whale god simply known as “Cá Ông” or “Mr.Whale” is worshipped at a whale temple called cá Ông ở lăng Hải Nam, which is located in the southern section of Long Beach. A festival known as Lễ hội Nghinh Ông is held every year in honor of the local Whale God, where devotees bring gifts and flowers and pray. Learn more about the temples and pagodas on Phu Quoc.


Long Beach Village

Phu Quoc's Very Own Backpacker District

Long Beach Village, or “LBV” for short, is a small yet lively hub catering mainly to tourists and it is an area where most budget travelers usually end up staying, particularly backpackers and flash packers.

Backpackers Phu Quoc

Public Beach Access

The village is located off Tran Hung Dao Street in between the airport and Bai Keo, the name given to this portion of Long Beach. At Long Beach Village you will find the public access pathway to the beach that is not owned by a resort or restaurant. Although all beaches on the island are public, accessing the beach can be difficult considering that most of the beach front is occupied by hotels.

long beach phu quoc public beach access


Getting to Long Beach Village

Whether you arrive by ferry or plane, getting to this backpacker area is very easy as it has a few landmark sites such as the old lavish La Veranda Hotel.  If you are taking a taxi from the port or from the airport, just tell the taxi driver to drop you off at the “Entrance to La Veranda Resort on Tran Hung Dao Street”.

The following are some images of the Long Beach Village access point. If you are having trouble communicating with your taxi driver, just show them the following images and tell him that this is where you want to be dropped off.

long beach village map phu quoc

long beach village on phu quoc

Why we love Long Beach


The star attraction! Golden ocean sunsets where the sky transforms into a light show.  If you are lucky you may even see a rare green flash just before the sun completely sets.

long beach village sunset

Loooong Beach

20 km of beach! Find your own patch of sand and work on your tan.


Some great snorkeling opportunities can be found just off the beach.

coral at phu quoc island
Resorts and hotels on Long Beach, Phu Quoc

Luxury Beach Resorts

Numerous 5 star world class international resorts with first class amenities can be found along the famous Long Beach coastline.

Awesome Beach Parties

Roof top bars, beach bars, and international music festivals all to be found in Bai Truong. 

Epizode bai truong phu quoc
long beach phu quoc mermaid

Beach Art

Numerous interesting sculptures line the northern section of the beach presenting a perfect selfie opportunity. #ilovephuquoc

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Long Beach on Phu Quoc Island
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