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Phu Quoc Island Vietnam Visa On Arrival

It is now possible to get your Vietnam Visa at the Phu Quoc International Airport upon arrival (VOA). This is applicable to those who plan on visiting Phu Quoc Island directly from an international country and then want to visit other parts of Vietnam. Phu Quoc's current classification as a “Special Economic Zone” allows international travelers to stay on the island Visa-Free for up to 30 days and it is the only region in Vietnam that has a visa exemption policy in place, however those who arrive on the island under this exemption will not (*legally) be allowed to visit other parts of Vietnam without having the appropriate Visa.

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As of March 2015 the Phu Quoc International Airport is now setup to process Vietnam Visa's on arrival.

[box style=”1″]What is a Vietnam Visa On Arrival?  This is an alternative way to get your visa for Vietnam, the other being actually going to your country's' embassy and applying for one directly.  With the VOA, you just need to fill out a online form, pay the service fee, get your “Visa approval letter” via email, print this letter, and then present this letter along with 2 passport size photos at one of the 4 Vietnam international airports: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, or Phu Quoc.[/box]
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Obtaining a Vietnam Visa On Arrival in Phu Quoc involves 2 key processes: 1) Obtaining permission to legally enter the country in the form of an “Approval Letter” and 2) Paying for the actual Vietnam Visa (also referred to as a “Stamping Fee”).  Both of these processes involves paying different fees.  The fees for the “Approval Letter” varies depending on which agency you use.  The stamping fee is fixed by the government of Vietnam.

In order to get a VOA at Phu Quoc, you need the following before you arrive at the Phu Quoc Airport:

  • A valid passport that will not be expiring within the next 6 months
  • A printed copy of your Approval Letter.  Make sure your Approval Letter states that you will be landing in Phu Quoc.
  • Two passport size photos
  • US Dollars for the “Stamping Fee”: $45.00USD for a single entry visa regardless of the duration; $65.00USD for a 1 month multiple entry visa; or $95.00USD for a 3 month multiple entry visa.

Vietnam Visa Approval Letter

The following is a list of the more popular Approval Letter agencies found online:

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VOA Approval Letter Fees

The fees vary from agency to agency and sometimes you can even find “discount vouchers” online by doing a simple Google Search. The following is a list of sample fees for the various visa types commonly offered:

Vietnam Tourist Visa's

  • Single Entry 1 Month Tourist Visa: $25.00USD
  • Single Entry 3 Month Tourist Visa: $30.00USD
  • Multiple Entry 1 Month Tourist Visa: $30.00USD
  • Multiple Entry 3 Month Tourist Visa: $35.00USD
  • Multiple Entry 6 Month Tourist Visa: $295.00USD

Vietnam Business Visa's

  • Single Entry 1 Month Business Visa: $85.00USD
  • Single Entry 3 Month Business Visa: $155.00USD
  • Multiple Entry 1 Month Business Visa: $95.00USD
  • Multiple Entry 3 Month Business Visa: $185.00USD
  • Multiple Entry 6 Month Business Visa: $325.00USD

*The above fees do not include the fee you need to pay immigration authorities when your visa is stamped in your passport at your point of entry.

Once you have received a digital version of the “Approval Letter”, the information on it cannot be changed.  If you require any changes then you must re-apply.  Also please be aware that the “Approval Letters” are usually issued in group and therefore, you may find your name and other information in the same letter as other people.  You can, however, request for a private letter but this will only delay the processing of your VOA.

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Can I enter Vietnam from Phu Quoc without having a Vietnam Visa?

There is nothing preventing you from entering the Vietnam mainland once you arrive in Phu Quoc however when hotels, resorts, guesthouses, etc check your passport for a valid Vietnam Visa and find out that you do not have one they will either a) refuse you accommodation and/or b) report you to the police. Hotels/resorts throughout Vietnam face hefty fines if they provide accommodations to guests who do not have a valid visa.

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I am in Phu Quoc Island now and I do not have a Vietnam Visa.  Can I obtain one on the island?

Yes it is possible, please contact the various travel/tour agencies found on the island.  If they cannot help you, try contacting SunViet Travel at +84 8 22374842.  Please note that the service fee to issue you a Vietnam Visa whilst on Phu Quoc will be considerably high.  Our advise is to apply for a VOA prior to entering Phu Quoc.


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