Bai Sao Beach on Phu Quoc Island


Bai Sao Beach (Bãi Sao) is the best all around white sand beach on Phu Quoc’s main island.  Located 25 kilometers from Duong Dong Town on the south east coast of Phu Quoc in An Thoi, lies Bai Sao, which is your classic postcard perfect beach.   Most tourists visit Bai Sao during the peak dry season, but the best time to visit Bao Sao Beach on Phu Quoc is during the rainy season from June to October, as the water is more calm with almost no waves. 

Bai Sao Beach is quiet and tranquil and you can rent sun beds with umbrellas for the day, if you are day tripping.

things to see on sao beach

Origins of the name “Bai Sao”

The name “Bai Sao” literally translates to Star Beach, star as in starfish.  The origin of the name comes from “Trystan” Minh who came to this beach a decades ago at night and saw thousands of starfish along the coast.  The starfish looked like stars in the night sky and hence the name “Star Beach”.

Map of Bai Sao Beach

Postcard Perfect Beach?

Fine white sand, clear turquoise water… it’s a “perfect” beach for the most part but Bai Sao has some majors flaws, one being the scattered trash that seems to be randomly thrown everywhere.  Another flaw is the unregulated jet skis, which pose a safety issue as well as an environmental concern.  Finally the beach seems to be eroding.


Where To Stay On Bai Sao Beach?

There are a few places to stay directly on the white sands of Bai Sao Beach, and more on the road that leads to Sao Beach.

  • Nhà Hàng Resort Bãi Sao Phú Quốc: A new resort with a nice resort that opened in 2017.
    Address:   Khu Phố 4, Thị Trấn An Thới
  • The Beach House
  • My Lan Resort
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Bai Sao Beach on Phu Quoc Island
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