Bãi Trường

Discover the Bai Truong Tourist Complex In Phu Quoc

Bãi Trường in Phu Quoc

Bãi Trường is a beach resort area located in the central west area of Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam, with many luxury hotels, villas, and spas, as well as high-end shopping, yacht clubs, marina, and restaurants.  Also referred to as “long beach”, Bãi Trường is Phu Quoc's longest beach.  Upscale bars and clubs with busy sunset scenes line Bãi Trường, which are wide, west facing stretches of Gulf of Thailand shoreline,

About Bai Truong

Bai Truong is a 20 km stretch of beach located just 10 minutes west of the Phu Quoc Airport.  The beach, however, is not continuous as the Song Tranh Estuary breaks the sand bar into 2 distinct zones – Bai Truong North and Bai Truong South.

Bai Truong North

The northern section of long beach is the busiest and oldest tourist hub on Phu Quoc Island. It is a heavily congested area with hostels, hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, bars, etc.   Prices here vary considerably and there are many bargains to be had.  The beach itself is also quite busy, especially during the sunset hours.   The backpacker hub of Long Beach is known as Long Beach Village. Here you will find a cheap food, motorbike rental places, and a public beach access area.

Bai Truong South

The southern section of Long Beach is where you will find the new luxury resorts, villas, shopping streets, pearl farms, a marina and upscale dining options.  Collectively this entire southern beach area is called the “Bai Truong Tourist Complex“.  The beach here is less crowded and some sections even have white sand, which has been imported from other areas.  Prices here tend to be on the higher side, but a small price to pay for more space and privacy. 

Top 10 Things to See in Bai Truong

When most people visit Phu Quoc, Vietnam's largest island, they normally stay in and around Long Beach (Bai Truong), which is Phu Quoc's most popular beach and the epicenter of all
tourist activity. Long Beach is located on the western side of the island and is more than 8kms in length. Although it is jam packed with hotels, resorts, and of course tourists the beach itself has some great things for you to see. Here are our Ten Things To SEE on Long Beach:

1. Hanging Palm Tree

If you are looking for that stereotypical low hanging beach-side palm tree, there is *one* on Long Beach. This palm is perfect for wedding pictures, selfies, and even to hang a hammock off of. You fill find this beautiful palm tree near the northern section of the beach.

long beach phu quoc palm tree

2. Phu Quoc Mermaid

Phu Quoc's seas is a habitat for the critically endangered Dugong Dong aka Sea Mermaid however the chance of seeing this beautiful and elusive creature is very slim. You can, however, see a colorful rustic mermaid statue which is located near the backpacking area of Long Beach Village.

long beach phu quoc mermaid

3. Dolphin Statue

Next to the mermaid statue is the kids favorite dolphin statue. There are dolphins in and around Phu Quoc but no one has seen one in decades. If you want to see a dolphin while on Phu Quoc then head on over to Vinpearl Land, Phu Quoc's very own theme park.

phu quoc dolphin

4. The Long Beach Pier

The rarely used pier is located next to the dolphin and mermaid statues and directly across from the Long Beach Resort. Get your selfie stick and smartphone ready as this is a great spot to take pictures.
long beach phu quoc pier

5. The Long Beach “Rocks”

The Long Beach Rocks is just plain awesome. The Rocks is an area that consists of, well, rocks and it is located very close to the Long Beach Village area. This is the best spot to snorkel off the beach on Long Beach and you may even see a seahorse or two. Full moon parties are also held here. Look for coral embedded in the rocks and forage for wild ocean edibles.

long beach rocky pier

6. The Beginning Of Long Beach

Here an estuary splits “Long Beach” into two sections – North Long Beach and South Long Beach. North Long Beach represents the established touristy area whereas South Long Beach represents an area where you will find newer 5 star resorts as well as vacation property. This is a great spot to view the coastal beach ecosystem of Phu Quoc.

beginning of long beach

7. The End Of Long Beach

Long Beach is indeed long but it does eventually end. However do not be distraught as the end of Long Beach represents a great area for off the beach snorkeling and fishing. Young lovers congregate here in the evening to watch the sun go down.
end of long beach

8. Discover Starfish

Keep on the look out for this starfish species as you walk along Long Beach.
phu quoc starfish

9. Miniature Landmarks

Located beach side at the Long Beach Resort you will find a collection of miniature Asian landmarks. Great for kids and adults alike!
phu quoc towers

10. The Famous Long Beach Sunset

And of course, the best thing to see here on Long Beach is the ocean sunset!
Long beach phu quoc sunset

phu quoc marina

The Phu Quoc Marina is a 155 hectare mixed luxury residential/commercial area located in Duong To, 7 kilometers south of the airport.  The Phu Quoc Marina area consists of a boutique waterfront complex and the InterContinental Phu Quoc Resort both of which contains shops, restaurants, bars, hotels, and a waterpark.  There is also a Yacht Club, one of two in all of Phu Quoc District, the other being on Hon Thom Island.

Where To Stay On Bãi Trường?

North Bai Truong

Sheraton Phu Quoc Resort

Dusit Princess Moon Resort

Salinda Resort

La Veranda

Richi's Resort

South Bai Truong

Kosmos Villa

Sonasea Villas & Resorts Phú Quốc

Sunset Sanato Phú Quốc

Mercury Phu Quoc Resort

Sol Beach House Phu Quoc Resort

Mường Thanh Luxury Phu Quoc Hotel

Novotel Phu Quoc Resort

Pullman Phu Quoc Resort

Intercontinental Phú Quốc

The Coast Villas

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