freediving in phu quoc island

Freediving in Phu Quoc

Map | Where to freedive | Video

Freediving in Phu Quoc island is plain awesome.  There are 28 islands that make up the Phu Quoc archipelago and all are surrounded by coral reefs.  On Phu Quoc Island you can freedive the reefs for pleasure or to spear fish, and free diving is a much cheaper option than scuba diving Phu Quoc.  On Phu Quoc, freediving is better than scuba diving, and snorkeling is better than the freediving. 

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Freedive Phu Quoc Map

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Where to Freedive in Phu Quoc

Although you can practically freedive anywhere, we will just focus on the following 3 spots, which are the best coral rich areas to freedive on Phu Quoc:

  • Pineapple Point (Hon Thom Island) – a popular spot for snorkeling, scuba diving and freediving. Depth 5 – 7m.
  • May Rut Point (May Rut Island) – great spot for freediving between large coral canyons. Depth 5m
  • Trystan's Trench (Turtle Island) – a popular spot for snorkeling and diving.  The freediving here is also great, but you need to be aware of boats and water traffic in general.  Here you you will fine anemones, soft coral, and whip coral. Depth is 5 – 6m.
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Freediving Phu Quoc Video:

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Freediving Lessons on Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc Freediving lessons are designed for people who are either beginners, intermediate or advanced freedivers and all lessons are held in the ocean.  Phu Quoc's prime freediving spots are no more than 8 meters,  so it is the perfect destination to learn how to freedive. Classes begin at 7:00 am from Bai Dai Beach and finish at around 1:45 pm.  You will first learn the basics near the beach.  Once basic freediving skills have been mastered, you will then be taken to nearby Hon Doi Moi, or Turtle Island, for your first real freedive on Phu Quoc.  Afterward we finish the dive with lunch and some photos.


Our minimum requirement is that you have tried snorkeling  before as we require that you to have at least basic skills and understanding of diving masks, snorkels, fins and water/ocean orientation and swimming ability.